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3,000 Books Published, Yet He Keeps Moving Forward One Step at a Time

In 37 years since the publication of his first book,
Master Ryuho Okawa’s works have now surpassed 3,000 books.
Translated into over 40 languages and read in over 165 countries,
these books are the proof that He is the Messiah (Savior)
and are the modern Tripitaka of Buddhism.


Click here to learn about Master Okawa’s effort from 1985 as a 29 year old to stand up as the Savior
and create a future beyond the 21st century.

At the event commemorating 3,000 books, Master Okawa gave the lecture “Yet, I’ll Keep Moving One Step Forward” (tentative title) on June 1st, 2022 at The Okura Hotel in Tokyo to an audience including the media, news companies, booksellers and publishers.


The latest English book:
The Developmental Stages of Love – The Original Theory : Philosophy of Love in My Youth
The origin of the sun that lightens up the world…
Revealed here is the starting point of Ryuho Okawa’s thoughts, written before he started happy Science, when he was still 25-28 years old. Published in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Great Enlightenment and the 35th anniversary of Founding Happy Science, this book demonstrates his basic personal philosophy and its original theories.

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What would the Messiah say and do now?

“The Laws Of Messiah” is the guidance the world will need in 2022
Lord God speaks to you
The Messiah is here on Earth, revealing Truth, clearing away confusion, and showing the way to progress with harmony.

The confusion of is there God, who is God, is pushing people away from faith. But without God, more and more of us are simply loving others in order to get something from them. How do you peacefully dismantle military regimes? How do you help others out of poverty? What is the way for human beings to thrive in an era of fast scientific and technological growth? This is the book that answers all these urgent questions and reminds us of what it means to be truly human.

Please make sure you get this incredibly important book, and share it with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, community, and beyond.


What kind of being is a messiah or savior?
〇The 21st century seen from the God’s eyes.
The crisis the Earth is facing and what is expected of human beings

〇Elohim – the God of Justice and Mercy
The value judgement of good and evil on Earth

〇Jesus Christ, Moses, Hong Xiuquan, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela
Past movements of messiahs and their tragedies

〇The secret that humanity is learning for the first time
The spiritual awakening that happens in Shambhala

〇The Earth is a training ground for the soul
Why it is important to believe in the Lord God and love others

Protect Hong Kong and Taiwan – the key to protecting world peace

〇After Hong Kong and Taiwan will come the subjugation of other Southeast Asian states. Japan could be colonized too

〇COVID is a Chinese biological weapon
The world needs the wisdom to discern what is happening

〇The violation of human rights that can result from A.I. totalitarianism
The danger of “surveillance capitalism” seen in GAFA

〇How Ms. Greta is being “used” by China
How taking action for climate change is being used as a way to weaken Western democratic states
Hear the voice of the One who protects the Earth

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.
— Good and Evil Taught by the God of the Earth

1 The Origin of Good and Evil on Earth
2 The Difficulty of Judging Good and Evil Today When People Have Forgotten God’s Laws
3 Japan Must Plan for the Future and Say What Must Be Said
4 Realize the Dangers of Totalitarianism and Fight for Freedom in the 21st Century
5 The Savior’s Work is Heavy in an Age of Eight Billion People

Chapter 2 What the Messiah Should Say and Do Now
— Showing the Way at the Turning Point of Human History

1 Looking Back on the 20th Century, the Age When the Modern Messiah Was Born
2 History of Intrusion by the Strong Countries and How Messiahs Acted at the Time
3 The Impact Atomic Bombings Have Had on Humankind
4 The True Work of the Messiah to Protect Peace on Earth
5 Why is Communism Dangerous in the Eyes of the God of the Earth
6 The Modern Messiah’s Message on What Humankind Must Do Now

Chapter 3 The Teachings of Messiah
— The Battle to Change the Values with Words of God

1 The Difficulty of Acknowledging the Messiah, the One Chosen by God
2 The Fight over the Values in History: Messiah vs. Worldly Authority
3 Modern Groups of People that Confuse the Teachings of Messiah
4 The Teachings of Messiah Required in This Age

Chapter 4 The Heart of the Earth
— Shambhala That Promotes Spiritual Awakening of Humanity

1 Shambhala: The Secrets of the Earth
2 Initiation to Become a Messiah
3 Gaining Back the Heart of Shambhala

Chapter 5 The Love of Messiah
— Love on Earth, the Training Ground for the Souls

1 Why Messiah Exists — Thinking from the Way This World Works
2 What Human Beings Must Not Lose Sight of through Soul Experiences
3 The Battle between Common Sense and Faith
4 Convey the Love of Your Lord God
Join this Sunday at the temple to learn more!
You can also tune in to YouTube Live Stream

Sunday December 12th
From Laws of Secret to Laws of Messiah
Sunday Service 1:00pm – 2:45pm

What were the main messages that El Cantare wanted to teach us Disciples?

What is the new message for the future from El Cantare to us Disciples and the people in the world?

Let us take this time now to reflect over 2021 and start thinking about our mission as a human being in entering the new stage for this planet Earth, which will be opened by newest Kyouten (book) from Master Okawa, “The Laws of Messiah.”

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Mark your Calendar — December 19th!
El Cantare Celebration
“The Earth Says: All You Need is Love”

New York Temple showing:
Sunday December 19th 1-2pm!
In person or online (Zoom)

Celebrate this important annual event with us!
Give thanks to Lord El Cantare

Watch Master Okawa's Latest Lectures

Category: Lecture
Recorded: November 23, 2021

As Special Head Temple, Holy Land El Cantare Seitankan (Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture) the main venue, Master Ryuho Okawa has given us the commemoration lecture on the day of The First Turning of the Wheel of Truth entitled, “The Light of Self-Discipline”.
*November 23, 1986 is the day when Master Ryuho Okawa, Lord El Cantare gave his very first lecture in Nippori Shuhan Kaikan (currently called The Commemoration Hall of the First Turning of the Wheel of Truth) Tokyo.


The reason why Happy Science has many teachings on self-discipline and self-help.
What are the conditions to make miracles happen?
The pitfalls of urban elites. What is lacking in education now.
The virtues of religion that wells up through long-continuing efforts.
How Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture in German and Canada as well as the opinions stated in Taiwan about problems on Uyghur moved the world.
The Cold War situation President Biden has created and the possibility of another war situation next year
The mindset needed today: “After each person becomes independent, a country can be independent.”
The aspiration of Master Ryuho Okawa who holds the world’s number one record and has followers in over 160 countries.
How to overcome the pandemic and become a great nation

<From the audience>
・I will build myself up and become great even a slightest bit. I will give a helping hand to people and always think about what I can do to make the world better. I will make continuous efforts.(50’s/ Female)

・I was moved by the message that through knowing the importance of self-transformation, despite family status or anything, if you make diligent efforts day by day can lead you to become a light for the world. It really touched my heart.(40’s/ Female)

・A life of taking is not good. It’s important to make self-discipline and build yourself and guide the people around you. What should I choose. I will do my best to do what I can. I will never forget this word and keep making diligent efforts.(50’s/ Female)

・I was getting tired with all the dole-out politics. I was happy to know that Master felt the same way. (50’s/Female)

・The lecture gave me courage and the feeling of wanting to become a light to shine even in limited places.(50’s/Male)

・I was able to understand the importance of the spirit of self-help. (40’s/Male)

・I became cheerful after hearing Master Okawa speak the important thing as a human and what I had long been thinking about. I will keep each word from Master in my heart. (80’s/Female)

Category: English Lecture
Recorded: November 17, 2021

Accept the current environment and think what you can do now
In such a time when people are suffering from coronavirus pandemic crisis, Master Okawa has given a lecture in easy words with examples to live strongly with hope and appreciation for what you are already given. What the humanity need now is the basic teachings of Buddhism, of knowing to be content.

◆“It’s enough” mind means to be content.

◆The essential key is to think about how we can live through 24 hours every day.

◆One of our sufferings comes from having “too much.”

◆Through China, Taiwan, and foreign affairs, we must learn the the importance of protecting the system of justice, human rights, and democracy.

◆Tough times never continues for so long but tough people do. Spread this teachings of hope to overcome setbacks.

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Dreams, Paranormal Phenomena and the Afterlife

In this week’s Sunday Service, we will be learning one of the newest Dharma Gates Master Okawa has been teaching us this year, the spiritual meanings behind our dreams and paranormal phenomena.

Many people have encountered at least once or twice inexplicable experiences or phenomena, such as a vivid dream, sleep paralysis, precognitive dream, having a ‘hunch’ before something good or bad happens, horror experiences such as encountering ghosts, sighting UFOs, alien abductions, etc.

If there are SO many paranormal experiences reported all over the world, would it not be a scientific attitude to just brush all of them off as nonsense? (Yes, I’m talking to you fellow skeptics!)

Science is an endeavor to try to discover the unknown.

Through Master Okawa’s incredible spiritual abilities, he has conducted many spiritual readings on people who’ve experienced incomprehensible phenomena, to ‘scientifically’ analyze WHY we experience such incidents, and WHAT is actually occurring behind the scenes in the spiritual world.

The answers to these questions? It’s beyond convincing that the spiritual world exists, and it opens your eyes to a new spiritual horizon; showing you a more vast and mystical world.

Also, August is the month we hold Ancestral Prayer Services in Happy Science.
At the end of the service, we’ll be conducting 3 types of Ritual Prayers to send love to the deceased souls.

Hope to see you in person or through zoom!

Another topic: The Purpose of Reincarnation:

Your life of several decades in this world is like a momentary dream, a temporary journey.

Some of you may be wondering why such a strange and complicated system of reincarnation exists. Why don’t the spirits just stay in the spirit world?

If I, as an individual who has actually experienced the truth first hand, explain the purpose of reincarnation in an easy-to-understand way, reincarnation itself is the greatest system for happiness that was created by God.

While human beings live in physical bodies for some dozens of years they live their life to the fullest believing that his or her identity is their given names. However, he or she will later learn that, when viewed from the memory of a long history of reincarnations, their names were simply given to them so that they can play a role in the drama. In other words, people will begin to understand that humans take on different roles under different names to play a role in various eras or stages on earth, so that they can improve their acting skills.

You might be Japanese now. But in past incarnations, you may have been Chinese. You could have been British, American or French. Please try to imagine this. Are these not wonderful experiences? Is this not a wonderful world?

When different cultures in various civilizations are flourishing, you are born, grow up, fall in love, get married, work at a job, raise children, get old and die. It is very sad to grow old and die, but this process is what will give you the next opportunity.

If humans did not age and die, they would not return to the other world. And if they continued to live in the same conditions for thousands or tens of thousands of years, without returning to the other world, then don’t you think that would be a painful experience?

Choosing greater happiness

Some people may think that the greatest happiness is to attain eternal life here on earth. Those without faith or those who do not believe in the other world will think like this. They probably wish that they can continue to live as they are forever, without getting old. However, suppose you do continue to live in your present circumstances for thousands or tens of thousands of years. Do you think you will enjoy the experience and find it wonderful?
If you do continue to exist the way you are forever, in a sense, that would be hell. In order to attain happiness as seen from a broader perspective, you need to abandon the happiness as seen from a narrow perspective.

You must recognize that, from the broader perspective, you are being given another chance. You are choosing greater joy for your soul. Please understand that you are undergoing soul training in such a great love, in such a great river of love.

– From lecture, “The Starting Point of Religion”
Master Ryuho Okawa

Thanks for reading and El Cantare Bless!

News and Information
★Dreams, Paranormal Phenomena and the Afterlife

New Movie! First look August 29th 1pm

Dream is a spiritual experience all of us have. What can your dreams tell about you? Based on the actual readings of mysterious dreams and psychic phenomena by a spiritual master, Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, this movie unveils the hidden messages behind nightmares, sleep paralysis and horror experiences. The spiritual experiences in this film are so real, yet beyond your imagination…

Okawa Book Club | One Year Anniversary Special

Thank you for being a part of Okawa Book Club!

In this One Year Anniversary Special Episode, Dylan and John look back on a year and shares the discoveries on how they have transformed themselves by reading and implementing Ryuho Okawa’s books (teachings).

"Dreams Come True" Book Club Sunday August 15th 3:30pm

Join and engage in “Dharma Talk” with the members on how to make your dreams come true.

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The documentary film, “Living in the Age of Miracles”

The documentary film, “Living in the Age of Miracles”

The documentary film, “Living in the Age of Miracles”

A documentary film of miracle stories

—From over 1,200 cases of miracles, Rin and Ryoma introduce 12 people who experienced miracles and recovered from serious illness such as terminal cancer, leukemia, brain trauma, and more.
Through the 12 real-life stories in this documentary film, discover the relationship between prayer and miracles.


Terminal cancer, leukemia, heart attack, and traffic accident― Some people make miraculous recoveries from fatal conditions. This documentary film looks into the real-life miracles that happened to actual people. Rin Kijima and Ryoma Ichihara guide us through the twelve true stories of miracles.


A woman overcoming terminal cancer, a man recovering from a heart attack, a woman surviving a fatal brain injury, a girl resurrected from death through prayer… these are some of the real miracles that happened to people featured in this documentary. What are miracles? Why and how they occur? To find the answers to these questions, presenters Rin Kijima and Ryoma Ichihara explore more than 1,200 cases of miracles and interview those who have experienced them. Through their quest, they realize the significance of faith, the power of prayer, and the existence of God. What is the meaning of illness and suffering in life? What is true love? What is the purpose of life? This spiritual and inspiring documentary is for all people who are seeking the answers to life’s fundamental questions.

Contact your nearest Happy Science branches, local temples, or shoja to watch this film!!

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Defeat the Novel Coronavirus! – Encouragement for Strengthening Your Power of Immunity

Defeat the Novel Coronavirus Encouragement for Strengthening Your Power of Immunity

Defeat the Novel Coronavirus Encouragement for Strengthening Your Power of Immunity
The world is in anxiety and confusion due to the pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus originated in China. COVID-19 vaccines have been developed. However, as new types of COVID-19 variants have been discovered, the fundamental treatment or countermeasures are yet to be found. Then what can we do to prevent or repel them? Happy Science recommends to change your lifestyle to strengthen your immunity by revising three points that attracts the infection of the virus.

THE THUNDER - A composition for repelling the Coronavirus- (By Ryuho Okawa)

This is spiritual music for repelling the Coronavirus. Happy Science teaches that this music is for “driving out the virus you have”, is “a thunder-striking anthem to repel the Coronavirus” and “is useful worldwide to repel the Coronavirus”.


STEP 1. Understand-The spiritual truth about the infection of the Novel Coronavirus

The surprising “spiritual fact” about the Novel Coronavirus
“The Attraction of the Same Wavelength” is what draws the infection.

STEP 2. Check Point- Check if you have any risk of infection.

STEP 3. Practice-A Lifestyle to Prevent and Repel the Novel Coronavirus
Prevention and a Healthy Lifestyle
Have a Bright and Positive Mindset.
If you possess strong faith, your immunity will be strengthened.

STEP 4. Repel- “Immunity through Faith” given from the Modern Savior

As in the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity,” Master Okawa pointed out that the same principle of possession operates and those who have strong fear are easier to be possessed. Therefore, it is necessary to check and examine if you have the same wavelength of the mind or if your daily lifestyle attracts COVID-19 and remove them. Let’s check from the following three aspects to see if you have any risk of infection.

STEP 1. Understand-The spiritual truth about the infection of the Novel Coronavirus

In order to prevent and repel the Novel Coronavirus infection, it is essential to know the spiritual fact about the infection of the virus. In the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity,” Master Ryuho Okawa said that the infection of the virus has “the same principle of spiritual possession” and “if you have a strong mind of fear, you are most likely to be infected”. If you hold strong fear and anxiety, due to the same wavelength attraction, you will draw the virus and it will infect you. This is the spiritual truth behind it.

How to Strengthen Your Immnunity

Actually, in such kinds of infection, “fear” is related. Before you get the virus, fear spreads first. Fear has the power to draw what you fear the most, so you must watch out.

Master Okawa Lecturing

“The Attraction of the Same Wavelength” is what draws the infection.

The popular pathogen of a virus or bacteria (germs) itself are actually not so toxic. If the spiritual aspect is combined, the virus will act violent and have the power to infect people. This is the spiritual fact. Moreover, Happy Science conducted spiritual investigation and it has been revealed that this COVID-19 was intentionally created by the Chinese government as a bioweapon and it has spread throughout the world.

The surprising “spiritual fact” about the Novel Coronavirus

As in the lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity,” Master Okawa pointed out that the same principle of possession operates and those who have strong fear are easier to be possessed. Therefore, it is necessary to check and examine if you have the same wavelength of the mind or if your daily lifestyle attracts COVID-19 and remove them. Let’s check from the following three aspects to see if you have any risk of infection.
Corona virus
corona 2
A mind that attracts the viruses.
A Mind that Strengthens Your Immunity

STEP 2. Check Point- Check if you have any risk of infection.

First, you have to straighten your mindset or wrong doings that attracts the COVID-19 and examine whether you have no distraction in your mind. Let’s check these three points that relates to infection.
The Habit of an Unhealthy Lifestyle and Stress
The Habit of an Unhealthy Lifestyle and Stress

□ I have continuous sleepless nights.

□ I eat an unbalanced diet.

□ I am lacking in exercise and my strength and muscles are declining.

□ I am holding onto problems about interpersonal relationships and I have stress.

□ My work is overloaded and I’m being fatigued.

□ I have a habit of drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, going to casinos and gambling, etc.

□ I am neglecting basic prevention measures (washing hands, sanitizing, gargling, etc.).

Fear and Anxiety

□ I keep watching news related to Coronavirus.

□ I vividly imagine myself being infected.

□ I can’t have hope in the future and have difficulty in working or studying.

□ I have difficulty in geting to sleep and do not feel refreshed in the morning.

□ I think about committing suicide or what comes after death.

□ I have no recent memory of laughing from my heart and I don’t smile that often anymore.

□ I think the world will become even worse than it is now.

Atheism and a Materialistic Way of Thinking
Atheism and a Materialistic Way of Thinking

□ I think that spirits and souls do not exist and nothing will be left when people die.

□ I don’t believe in God or Buddha, Heaven and Hell, angels and guardian spirits, and other existences that I cannot see.

□ I think that religion is something strange and odd.

□ I rely on machines and Artificial Intelligence that human beings created instead of the power of God.

□ I believe in Marxism and Communism.

□ I feel it is okay to use or do anything to achieve my goal, even deceiving people.

□ I believe self-help is not important. The nation and the local government should take care of me.

- Have a Bright and Positive Mindset -

If you keep on watching the news related to the Coronavirus, fear and anxiety will rise. It may put you at risk to decreasing your power of immunity so it is important to take some distance from various information and have a bright and constructive mindset.

□ [Choice of Information] Reduce the time to watch news related to COVID-19 and do not worry beyond necessity.

□ [Stop Worrying about things which has not yet happened] Do not think too much about bad things that might happen in the future.

□ [No more Hang-ups from the past] Do not spend too much time fretting over things that cannot be changed.

□ [Resolution for your worries] Write down all the worries that you have on a sheet of paper and give priorities to them. Start taking action from what you can do.

□ [Stress-free] Break down your work and prevent yourself from overloading.

□ [A Peaceful Expression and Kind Words] Be careful about your facial expression and words and try to have bright thoughts and constructive words.

□ [Self-help] Start to have a self-help spirit and live diligently.

STEP 3. Practice - A Lifestyle to Prevent and Repel the Novel Coronavirus

Prevention and a Healthy Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle declines your immunity. The basic mindset for prevention is to correct that lifestyle and revise it to harmonize your mind and your body.

□ [Measures for droplet or contact infection] Etiquette for coughing, washing hands, gargling, brushing teeth, and ventilation.

□ [Exercise] Increase your strength and muscles through daily workouts.

□ [Become A Morning Person] Secure enough time to sleep and change yourself to become a morning person.

□ [Nutrition] Eat balanced meal to strengthen your immunity (☆)

□ [Refresh Your Mind and Body 1] Receive light from the Sun and breathe in fresh air.

□ [Refresh Your Mind and Body 2] Have a time to listen to relaxing music and read books to ease your heart and take some time to relax.
☆Catechin, which is in Green tea have an effect to kill bacteria. Rooibos tea have an effect to strengthen immunity. Yacon, burdock, onions, green onions have oligosaccharidosis which is effective to prevent infection as well as to increase butyric acid bacterium inside the intestine and restrain inflammation.

- If you possess strong faith, your immunity will be strengthened -
If you possess strong faith, your immunity will be strengthened

The greatest power to strengthen your immunity is, in fact, the “power to believe in God or Buddha.” In “Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic”, it is said that, if you have faith, good thoughts will spread throughout your body and into your cells. Your cells become active and your immunity will be strengthened. The evil virus will be weakened.

□ [Spiritual Perspective] The true nature of humans is the spirit and believe that humans reincarnate into this world and the other.

□ [Faith] Believe in the blessings of God or Buddha and be honest and cheerful.

□ [Gratitude] Deepen your gratitude to the people around you and that you are given everything.

□ [Life of Faith] Make a habit to self-reflect, meditate and offer gratitude. Create time to read or listen to Buddha’s Truth or El Cantare Master Ryuho Okawa’s music.

□ [Giving Love] Think about what you can do for others and practice giving love.

□ [Mission] Hold your aspiration and pray “As long as I have my mission, please protect me.”

□ [Realization of Truth] Pray to build the world based on freedom, democracy and faith and not a world of scientism and totalitarianism.

STEP 4. Repel - “Immunity thourgh Faith” from the Modern Savior

In “Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic”, the spirit of Jesus Christ revealed a spiritual law. That is “if a person’s mind is in good condition and if the power of God and Buddha resides within and fills his/her body, airborne pathogenic microbes that attach to the body will not live and multiply inside.” And “prayer can drastically strengthen their immune system.”

“If people with faith can draw light from the heavenly world through their prayer, that can drastically strengthen their immune system and protect themselves. They can also develop the power to heal others. “

“The following are the most effective tools to repel the coronavirus: Ryuho Okawa’s lectures, books, DVDs, CDs, movies, music, and all things sent out from Happy Science. They are all effective.”

The lectures, Kyoutens (books of Truth), music, kigan (ritual prayers) and all other spiritual light from the modern Savior, who is now on Earth as the God of the Earth El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa, has the power to fight back the evil virus and repel them.

1. The fundamental sutra, “The True Words Spoken By Buddha”-This sutra will help you attune with the light of the heavenly world and change your life for the better. (Available only for members)

This sutra is from the consciousness of Buddha (Shakyamuni Buddha) in the heavenly world and was bestowed to Master Ryuho Okawa through automatic-handwriting. This sutra is the core teachings of Happy Science and the important truth that humans should know is written.
Bussetsu Shoshinhougo
“Bussetsu Shoshinhogo” (Japanese version) For Devotee, “Shoshinhougo” (Japanese version) For Members.
True Words Spoken by Buddha
The True Words Spoken By Buddha” (English version)
2. Lectures / Spiritual Message- Repel evil spirits, devils, and evil virus by the words of the Savior and gods.
lecture on the laws of secret
How to Strengthen Your Immnunity
3. Kigan (ritual prayers) – A miraculous opportunity for you and your dearest ones to get back up from the Novel Coronavirus

Various kigans conducted in Happy Science has the spiritual power to guide you for: recovery for health, success in life, happiness in family, and etc. and solve life problems that you face.

In regards to miracles, it may not occur to all the people. You first need to have strong faith and also have to be a person qualified to bring miracles, meaning you have some kind of mission to prove miracles. If these two conditions overlap, a miracle can happen. Also, when it happens, it is often the case that the person has a “hidden virtue”.

4. Music- A weapon of light bestowed from the modern Savior to humanity to fight against evil virus and spiritual beings

The music Master Ryuho Okawa produces heal people’s hearts and those music saves souls. It is totally different from the music genre existing now. Master Ryuho Okawa’s music is filled with spirituality, mysticism, and religious vibrations, which is a new types of music.

The Thunder
“THE THUNDER” – a composition to repel the Coronavirus
This is a spiritual music for repelling the Coronavirus. This music can “drive out the virus you have,” “a thunder-striking anthem to repel the Coronavirus,” “it is useful worldwide to repel the Coronavirus,” and “it is important for those who are suffering from Coronavirus to be immersed in this music.”
The Real Exorcism
with savior english
With Savior

“You, with the Savior, be strong in your mind and live strongly, strongly, strongly”
This is the message of hope to the modern people who are living in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, economic depression, and other various crisess.

This song is filled with positive energy and grand melody, which will give you delight and courage to live through this age.

5. Kyouten – Lectures and spiritual messages that reveals what the Coronavirus really is, strengthens your immunity and cure illnesses
How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession
How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession
Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction
Shakyamuni Buddha’s Future PredictionShakyamuni Buddha’s Future Prediction
The Novel Coronavirus Originated in China: Lessons for Humankind: Spiritual Messages from Shibasaburo Kitasato and R.A. Goal
“How to Strengthen Your Immunity” Lecture DVD For members only. (Contact your nearest Happy Science temple for information.)
New York USA

Gratitude to Parents Reflection Seminar

Gratitude to Parents Reflection Seminar

Change your life with this powerful reflection seminar.

Available on scheduled Saturday’s and upon request.

Next scheduled seminar date is:

Saturday, March 27th: 2pm to 6pm 

Register or contact for more information below!

Gratitude to Parents Reflection Seminar

– A man saved his marriage after he practiced gratitude towards his mother and could let love in his heart. 

– A woman’s father with Alzheimer’s was able to remember her again. 

– A woman with ovarian cancer (stage 4) was able to heal after she reconciled with her mother.

These are real stories of participants who saw their problems resolve themselves when they focused on the roots – roots that can be found in the family and the way of thinking and living we develop in childhood.

This approach is not new in psychology. However, what sets this seminar apart is the spiritual perspective of life it is rooted in, and the powerful and mystical sutra that recalls lost memories and aids participants in seeing their parents and their childhood truthfully.

Coming to peace with our upbringing can have lasting and surprising effects on our relationships, health, and even financial issues, today.

Why this seminar?

This seminar is based on “The Sutra for Giving Thanks to Parents for Their Great Love,” a mystical sutra by Master Ryuho Okawa. The spiritual light in the words helps us remember the small actions of the love of our parents which we have overlooked as children.

Through this seminar you will be able to…

  • See your childhood and parents in a completely different light
  • Be released from the feeling of not being enough
  • Be someone of real and deep gratitude, no matter the circumstances you may be in
  • Connect to a pure and boundless inner vitality for life and work
  • Furthermore, you will be able to deepen your understanding of why you chose your parents and the environment you were born in, and feel the great, compassion and mercy of El Cantare – the Creator – flowing through it all.

Other unique features of this seminar:

  • We’ll learn the different aspects of love, such as unconditional love and conditional love
  • The meditation is like a treasure hunt
  • Your meditation will be spiritually protected so that you are not affected by negative memories
  • We’ll learn about the ‘menu of parents’
  • We’ll learn what is enlightenment for children
member prayers

Seminar length: 4 hours

Suggested donation: $100

The seminar will be conducted mainly in silent contemplation with videos from Master Okawa and explanations from the minister. Reach out to us if you would like to speak to the minister to deepen your self-reflection.

Stories from participants:

Ovarian cancer (stage 4) disappeared

“I developed ovarian cancer. It kept recurring, and I knew if it continued for five more years, it would destroy me. I took this seminar over and over again to reflect on my relationship with my mother, whom I had a life-long conflict with. Recognizing and accepting my mother’s love was a key point to recognizing and accepting the love God has for me. Three years later, my recurring cancer disappeared.”

A Violent Step Father

“In my mind, my stepfather was a violent man. But this seminar made me see him in an entirely new light, and also remember instances that have now changed who he is to me. Through seeing things from the perspective of ‘life is a workbook’ I appreciate who my stepfather was and what he has given me.”

Unsatisfied with Quiet Father

“I grew up with a very quiet and passive father. It frustrated me and I rebelled as a teen. But taking this seminar, I discovered that the quiet attitude of my father was actually his great love because it led to my own development, interest in the creative fields, and independence. I am so grateful now because, whereas I used to think I never got the loved I wanted, I got the love I needed.”

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