In this week’s Sunday Service, we will be learning one of the newest Dharma Gates Master Okawa has been teaching us this year, the spiritual meanings behind our dreams and paranormal phenomena.

Many people have encountered at least once or twice inexplicable experiences or phenomena, such as a vivid dream, sleep paralysis, precognitive dream, having a ‘hunch’ before something good or bad happens, horror experiences such as encountering ghosts, sighting UFOs, alien abductions, etc.

If there are SO many paranormal experiences reported all over the world, would it not be a scientific attitude to just brush all of them off as nonsense? (Yes, I’m talking to you fellow skeptics!)

Science is an endeavor to try to discover the unknown.

Through Master Okawa’s incredible spiritual abilities, he has conducted many spiritual readings on people who’ve experienced incomprehensible phenomena, to ‘scientifically’ analyze WHY we experience such incidents, and WHAT is actually occurring behind the scenes in the spiritual world.

The answers to these questions? It’s beyond convincing that the spiritual world exists, and it opens your eyes to a new spiritual horizon; showing you a more vast and mystical world.

Also, August is the month we hold Ancestral Prayer Services in Happy Science.
At the end of the service, we’ll be conducting 3 types of Ritual Prayers to send love to the deceased souls.

Hope to see you in person or through zoom!

Another topic: The Purpose of Reincarnation:

Your life of several decades in this world is like a momentary dream, a temporary journey.

Some of you may be wondering why such a strange and complicated system of reincarnation exists. Why don’t the spirits just stay in the spirit world?

If I, as an individual who has actually experienced the truth first hand, explain the purpose of reincarnation in an easy-to-understand way, reincarnation itself is the greatest system for happiness that was created by God.

While human beings live in physical bodies for some dozens of years they live their life to the fullest believing that his or her identity is their given names. However, he or she will later learn that, when viewed from the memory of a long history of reincarnations, their names were simply given to them so that they can play a role in the drama. In other words, people will begin to understand that humans take on different roles under different names to play a role in various eras or stages on earth, so that they can improve their acting skills.

You might be Japanese now. But in past incarnations, you may have been Chinese. You could have been British, American or French. Please try to imagine this. Are these not wonderful experiences? Is this not a wonderful world?

When different cultures in various civilizations are flourishing, you are born, grow up, fall in love, get married, work at a job, raise children, get old and die. It is very sad to grow old and die, but this process is what will give you the next opportunity.

If humans did not age and die, they would not return to the other world. And if they continued to live in the same conditions for thousands or tens of thousands of years, without returning to the other world, then don’t you think that would be a painful experience?

Choosing greater happiness

Some people may think that the greatest happiness is to attain eternal life here on earth. Those without faith or those who do not believe in the other world will think like this. They probably wish that they can continue to live as they are forever, without getting old. However, suppose you do continue to live in your present circumstances for thousands or tens of thousands of years. Do you think you will enjoy the experience and find it wonderful?
If you do continue to exist the way you are forever, in a sense, that would be hell. In order to attain happiness as seen from a broader perspective, you need to abandon the happiness as seen from a narrow perspective.

You must recognize that, from the broader perspective, you are being given another chance. You are choosing greater joy for your soul. Please understand that you are undergoing soul training in such a great love, in such a great river of love.

– From lecture, “The Starting Point of Religion”
Master Ryuho Okawa

Thanks for reading and El Cantare Bless!

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Dream is a spiritual experience all of us have. What can your dreams tell about you? Based on the actual readings of mysterious dreams and psychic phenomena by a spiritual master, Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, this movie unveils the hidden messages behind nightmares, sleep paralysis and horror experiences. The spiritual experiences in this film are so real, yet beyond your imagination…

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