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“If Only I Was 20 Years Old Again…”

This is a wish that many of us hold in our heart as we get older. The movie Before the Sunset is a piece of visual poetry that lets us look back on our lives and reflect on our past.

With Executive Producer & Original Story by Ryuho Okawa and directed by Hiroshi Akabane, the director of The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins (Nikkatsu, 2022), this movie portrays a touching story that asks us about the meaning of life and what love is.

Before the Sunset stars Masane Tsukayama as Kazunori Terasawa, an 80-year-old man who suddenly returns to a 20-year-old self and finds himself in an unfamiliar place. Hiroaki Tanaka plays the young Kazunori. Together, they bring to the screen the successes and shadows of life and the fresh flush of youth, resonating with our literary heart

Award winning films produced by Happy Science

The Happy Science Group has produced a number of movies under the direction, original story, and planning of Ryuho Okawa, President of Happy Science Group. The films have been shown in many countries around the world, and many people have joined Happy Science as a result of the films. Each film depicts the ideals of humanity, the direction to go, the true view of life, and religiosity on a grand scale, and sends many messages to people around the world.

Let It Be - Fear Never Ends

Let It Be - Fear Never Ends

Supernatural horror experiences will assail you one after another… And in the end, you will face the Truth.....

Living in the age of Miracles

Living in the Age of Miracles

A documentary film that looks into how and why miracles occur. A Japanese actress Rin Kijima and actor Ryoma Ichihara research numerous cases of miracles and interview people. In their search, they witness the miracles of those who are on the verge of death making a miraculous recovery.

The Divine Protector

The Divine Protector - Master Salt Begins

At 7:07 PM, the occult club members are holding a ritual ceremony to summon “Master Salt” in Kamono Girls’ High School in Tokyo, to help one of the members, Nanako, who has been struck by mysterious incidents...


Into The Dream and Horror Experiences

Dream is a spiritual experience all of us have. What can your dreams tell about you?Based on the actual readings of mysterious dreams and psychic phenomena by a spiritual master, Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, this movie unveils the hidden messages behind nightmares, sleep paralysis and horror experiences. The spiritual experiences in this film are so real, yet beyond your imagination...

Beautiful Lure Movie

Beautiful Lure

With both beauty and wit, Maiko looks for a man who suits her. One night, she finds Taro, a candidate for the prime minister. Everything goes well as she plans, but he finds out she's actually a "youma" who destroys the country. What's their destiny?

TheLawsOfTheUniverse_KeyArt_13 medium

The Laws of The Universe - The Age of Elohim

The story takes place on Earth 150 million years ago. At that time, various aliens were living in harmony by accepting each other under the God of the Earth, Elohim. One day, a meteorite flies toward the earth at high speed but right before it hits, a female soldier, Yaizael comes from planet Vega and she narrowly protects the earth from destruction. The meteorite incident was actually a plan to annihilate the earth by Dahar...



The movie, “Twiceborn” is a dramatic, inspiring account of how Ryuho Okawa, best-selling international author and spiritual visionary, came to recognize his miraculous mission and the obligation he carries to share the Truth with the world.

Real Exorcist

The Real Exorcist

Tokyo ―the most mystical city in the world where you find spiritual spots in the most unexpected places. Sayuri works as a part time waitress at a small coffee shop “Extra” where regular customers enjoy the authentic coffee that the owner brews. Meanwhile, Sayuri uses her supernatural powers to help those who are troubled by spiritual phenomena one after another. Through her special consultations, she touches the hearts of the people and helps them by showing the truths of the invisible world.

Immortal Hero

Immortal Hero

Base on a true story of a man whose near death experience inspires him to choose life...and change the lives of millions. You are invincible. When you believe, miracles happen.

The Laws of Universe Part 1

The Laws of the Universe – Part I

University students Ray, Anna, Tyler, Halle, and Eisuke are enjoying student life while chasing their dreams. However, they have a secret mission, to fight against invading Reptilians from outer space. One day, Ray travels back in time to a time 330 million years ago on Earth to find his missing friend, Tyler, who has fallen into a trap set by the evil alien, Dahar. During that time, Alpha, the God of the Earth, was planning to create a new civilization on Earth and invited Queen Zamza and her fellow Reptilians from planet Zeta, to Earth. What is Dahar’s motive? What will happen to Ray and Tyler? And what is the plan for civilization by the God of the Earth?

The Laws of Universe Part 0

The Laws of the Universe – Part 0

“Can we save the Earth?" Five high school students at a boarding school encounter alien abduction and realize there are some malicious aliens hiding in the school. While on a journey to explore the Truth behind UFOs and aliens, they discover that a battle for the future of Earth is about to begin.

The Mystical Laws

The Mystical Laws

In 202X, Tathagata Killer, a mysterious military leader armed with extraterrestrial technology, stages a coup and becomes the new emperor of the world superpower of Asia. Sho Shishimaru, gifted with prophetic powers, may be the only one standing in the way of Killer’s take-over of the entire world. The future of humankind is at stake in this epic struggle, but in its midst, we learn about the mystical laws that rule the world around us.

The Laws of Sun

The Laws of the Sun

This grand-scale, spiritual, animated film reveals the secrets of the creation of the Universe and the reincarnations of the supreme God who guided numerous past civilizations, including Mu, Atlantis, and Ancient Inca. “The Laws of the Sun” provides visual answers to the fundamental question: “What is the purpose of the Universe?“

The Golden Laws

The Golden Laws

In this animated film, two teenage students, Satoru and Alisa, ‘time- travel’ through the past and future to find the truth of gods hidden in the history of humankind. They discover true love and courage through their encounter with great spiritual figures. This film offers you an opportunity to be guided to the secrets of transcending time and space.

The Laws of Eternity

The Laws of Eternity

In this spiritual adventure, two high school students, Ryuta and Yuko, invent a communication device and travel to the multi-dimensional spirit world with their friends. Through their experiences, they learn the secrets of the afterlife and the truth of the spirit world. The mystical truth of the 9th dimension is revealed on screen in this film for the first time in human history.