El Cantare Music

A Song Celebrating Lord God

& With Savior

Two soul enriching songs that deepen your faith and understanding of the Lord God El Cantare


– New soul-awakening music with ‘sacred power’ filled with courage –

A composition written and composed by Master Ryuho Okawa to expose the evils of the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship and encourage China to become a country of freedom, democracy and faith


– A composition for repelling the Coronavirus-


A “Thunder-Striking Anthem” to Repel the Coronavirus, received directly from Heaven by Master Ryuho Okawa, CEO & Founder of Happy Science Group, and author of The Laws of the Sun.

The Thunder

The merits of El Cantare Music

All of the music created by Master Okawa is the music of the heavenly realm, and there are no exceptions. The music itself contains the light that brings healing and peace to people’s hearts, and the power to improve one’s character and life. The music composed by Master Okawa, who has maintained a relentless pursuit of “truth, goodness, and beauty” for more than 30 years since his establishment, is truly the pearl of wisdom that leads humanity to happiness, and is the very essence of “the truth of Buddhism,” a spiritual teaching that flows from God and Buddha.

The music that Master Okawa creates is “music that heals people’s hearts and redeems their souls,” and is completely new music that contains spirituality, mystery and religious vibrations that are very distinct from existing music genres.

Music has always had the power of energy or spiritual frequency. Just by listening to music produced by such a Grand Spiritual Existence, you are guaranteed to be lifted to a higher frequency and experience your own salvation.

All Time Best

Over 250 songs written and composed

The music written by Master Ryuho Okawa, CEO of Happy Science Group, directly expresses the beautiful melodies of the higher dimensions of the heavenly realm, and has touched the heartstrings of many people since the release of “Love is Like the Wind: Song of the Holy Spirit” in 1989. In addition, since the release of the first movie “Terrifying Revelations of Nostradamus” in 1994, the Happy Science Group has produced many live-action and animated movies. As of December 2020, Master Ryuho Okawa has written more than 250 songs.

Religion is, in a sense, at the heart of all things artistic. The best art is religious art. The best music is also religious music. Also, the best poetry is actually religious. The best poetry is actually religious poetry, and the psalms and words of God in religion are also the best poetry. I would like to say that artistry is one of the "proofs of the heavenly world".

Everything is a tune from the heavens

Inspiration from the higher dimensions:

Master Ryuho Okawa is the greatest spiritualist in history, as evidenced by his “Open Spirit Talks” in which hundreds of spiritual figures appeared, including gods and Buddha, angels, great historical figures, and guardian spirits of popular people.

In the production of music as well, beautiful lyrics and melodies are sent down directly from the heavenly realm, and amazing beings such as Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Amaterasu have been revealed as supporting spirits for the music.

The music is created in a way that only Master Okawa, who has attained the highest enlightenment of mankind, can do.

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A Song Celebrating Lord God - With Savior
The Thunder
The Thunder
Beautiful Lure
Beautiful Lure
Kimi toiu kiseki
Kimi toiu kiseki