How to Be a Member of Happy Science

If you would like to apply for membership, please submit the form below. You will receive the Welcome Pack including Prayer Books and more information on how to get started!

The True Words Spoken By Buddha
The True Words Spoken By Buddha
Prayer to the Lord Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirit
Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits
Player to El Cantare
Player to El Cantare


Becoming a Member of Happy Science means that you wish to explore the teachings and faith of Happy Science, which are taught by Master Ryuho Okawa, Lord El Cantare.

By becoming a Member of Happy Science, you pledge to learn and practice the Principles of Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress, which is also called, The Exploration of The Right Mind. There is no other obligation.

Once you become a member, you will receive the three Student Member prayers:

  1. Sutra- The True Words Spoken by Buddha
  2. Prayer to the Lord
  3. Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits

We will reach out to you and send your prayer books. We will also give you more information on how to practice the teachings and help you get started on your new journey of the Exploration of the Right Mind.

We recommend that you join our weekly services at the temple so that you can get acquainted with our teachings and start applying this new spiritual wisdom in your life.

There is a suggested one-time $10 donation to become a Member.


Becoming a Devotee at Happy Science means to pledge devotion to the Buddha (The Enlightened One), Dharma (The Teachings) and Sangha (The group of His disciples).

What this means is that you become a part of the army of light that works to illuminate this world and have a sense of mission to share these teachings with others as well as be protected from worldly sufferings.

Through the discipline of studying, prayers, meditation, taking part in regular activities like meditations, services and lectures, you will increase your wisdom and therefore inner happiness and peace. You will be able to overcome your life’s struggles and see the true meaning of life and become truly happy.

You will also be receiving the Devotee set of prayer books which include:

There is a suggested one-time $100 donation to become a Devotee.

  • Subscribe to receive our weekly newsletter (mailchimp)
  • Make a monthly happiness planting donation of $10 to support worldwide missionary work. (Option to receive our monthly magazine in the mail)
  • Become an Angel of Great Wealth Supporter by making a monthly happiness planting donation of $100
  • Join the Kyouten (Book) Lover Club by subscribing here to receive Master Ryuho Okawa’s books in the mail automatically upon release

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Happiness Planting

Happy Science is a non-profit organization, so our main source of funding comes from the donations offered by our members and by the people who sympathize with our ideals. There are no membership fees, and donations are made voluntarily as an expression of their faith and gratitude to Lord El Cantare. People who make these donations understand the value of the Truth, and want to help spread the truth across the world. Offering is an expression of faith and gratitude to the Lord, and it is also an opportunity to practice “love that gives.” The important thing is to have a pure heart when making the donation, not expecting anything in return. Making an offering contributes to the development of our souls and is regarded as a part of spiritual discipline. It is a practice of letting go of our attachments, being selfless, and being in a state of light-heartedness and freedom. To give up a part of what we have for the future happiness of others is highly valued from the heavenly world, as it is the beginning of boundless merit. We call this form of offering, “Happiness Planting.” You can also offer by making time to volunteer in activities at Happy Science. Everyone has special talents and skills, and using them toward spreading the Truth is a wonderful thing and brings greater happiness to society. Members who gain wisdom through the experience of practicing our teachings can volunteer as “Doctors of the Soul,” to help those who find themselves in the midst of suffering and anxiety. People who have time and a place enough for it, can offer to hold meetings, meditation or study sessions until a temple of light can be built in a particular area convenient for some members.


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“The strength of who I’ve become through these teachings is incredible.”
“We found a religion that can save us.”
“The Lord gave me this treasure so I'm going to cherish it and I'm going to keep it close.”