Best selling books by Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa is internationally recognized as a global visionary, best-selling author, revered World Teacher, the founder and CEO of Happy Science Group with one simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa’s deep compassion and sense of responsibility for the happiness of each individual has prompted him to publish over 3,100 titles of religious, spiritual, and self-development teachings covering a broad range of topics including how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love, and the path to enlightenment.

“As we confront our own problems in life, we must never ever stop making a constant effort to acquire greater insight. This is why we need to study a wide variety of subjects. I publish many books, and one of the reasons for doing this is to provide you with as much material as possible to raise your level of insight.” – The Principle of Wisdom