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Introduction to “The Laws of the Sun”

Since its publication in 1986, there has been no end to the number of people who read “The Laws of the Sun” and think, “This is what I’ve been searching for!” Watch this lecture to deepen our understanding of the value of this book and why we must continue to deliver it to every person in the world

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“The Laws of the Sun” Seminar

Why is this book urgently needed today?
To protect people from materialistic and live-for-the-moment ideas that claim we only live once
To end hatred, anger and distrust among religions
Why do we need to know that life doesn’t end with death?
All negative emotions such as dissatisfaction, worry, anger and jealousy have their roots in the belief that human beings only live once.

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We Create a Rough Life Plan Before we are Born

Christianity teaches very little about the spirit world, where the soul dwells prior to life on Earth. So most people have little information about the spirit world or do not believe in it. Nonetheless, we create a rough life plan before we are born.

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Fun event!

Join a sushi making party at Happy Science New York temple!Saturday January 27th from 1pm – 2:30pm

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New Year’s Ritual Prayer Service

“Your happiness is not just for yourself. Your happiness is so that you can bring greater happiness to a greater number of people.So please, do not use ritual prayers to fulfill your small desires. Wish strongly that your happiness, and your family’s happiness, will lead to the happiness and prosperity of all people, of the whole world, and of the universe. That is right prayer.”

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Creation of a New World

Creation of a New World is the first El Cantare celebration lecture Master Okawa gave. Join us this Sunday to watch this lecture to understand why Lord El Cantare is an existence that should not take on a human form to appear before us.

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