Introduction to "The Laws of the Sun"

The story of Creation, enlightenment, love, and the history of prophets and angels of light

“Introduction to “The Laws of the Sun””

Since its publication in 1986, there has been no end to the number of people who read “The Laws of the Sun” and think, “This is what I’ve been searching for!” Watch this lecture to deepen our understanding of the value of this book and why we must continue to deliver it to every person in the world.


  1. The Laws of the Sun is the source of the Happy Science teachings
  2. The first message (Revelation from Heaven) Master Okawa received was “GOOD NEWS (Gospel)”
  3. “Love, Nurture and Forgive” – Our aim of enlightenment as humankind.
  4. Requirements for the members of Happy Science (what is required to be happy and to spread happiness)
“”The Laws of the Sun” contains the story of Creation, enlightenment and love, and describes the history of prophets and angels of light.”
I hope you will see the basic relationship between love and enlightenment, and understand that, in spite of all the tragedies that occur in this world, El Cantare (God or Buddha) has never given up on humans. Throughout human history, He has sent down numerous high spirits and angels (tathagatas and bodhisattvas) to earth on His behalf in order to save people.”
The present age is the very time when God or Buddha is trying to bring salvation to many people of the world. There is no way God or Buddha would sit still and do nothing at this time when the global population is nearing 10 billion.”
“The supreme Buddha or the greatest Savior in the history of Earth has descended. The world is now being purified. By believing in El Cantare, humankind can be granted final, supreme, and greatest salvation.”

– Master Ryuho Okawa

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