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The Importance of Spiritual Flow

What is spiritual flow? What happens if you receive it? Learn the key for success in life while living with the Savior on earth.

Change Your Mindset

What does Master Okawa teach in one of his very important lectures called “Change Your Mindset”?

Right View/
Right Perspective

Are you seeing the world you live in correctly? Learn to obtain “Right View” and live happier!

How do you manage your stress? What is “Silent Anger?” Learn to detoxify your mind and bring peace to yourself.

Based on Master Ryuho Okawa’s book, “The Laws of Secret,” we learn the condition of the real exorcist.

Why doesn’t “The Laws of Attraction” work all the time? Learn and understand the keys to become abundant and wealthy.

Are you suffering from bad relationships with your friends/co-workers?

Start a constructive life and feel happier!

How do Miracles Happen?

Is there a rule for miracles to occur? Why do miracles happen to certain people?

In this study session, you will learn the mechanism of miracles: the rule or the laws for receiving miracles.

How to Overcome Problems?

When you face various problems, how do you overcome them?

In this session, we learn what is most important in solving problems and conquering in life.


Have you been hurt by someone? Is it difficult to forgive others?

Learn to eliminate negative emotions like hatred or revenge. Explore the power of complete and unconditional forgiveness.