Lecture on “The Laws of Hell”

Lecture on The Laws of Hell

Lecture on “The Laws of Hell”
Master Okawa’s message for 2023

“The Laws of Hell” is the book of 2023 and 29th book in the Law Series. In this lecture, Master Okawa reveals why this book is needed now, what his concerns are for 2023, and the direction he wishes the world to take.


  • About the enormous number of people who go astray after death, and is still increasing.
  • About Buddhism having the most detailed knowledge of Hell, and the lack of teachings in Christianity and Islam.
  • About when the Coronavirus pandemic will end.
  • About why Biden set-up Russia as the enemy.
  • About the future of Ukraine and North Korea.
  • About Master Okawa’s wish to settle the issues by 2050.

Comments from viewers:

“I learned that most people today do not believe that Heaven and Hell exist, only see the material world, and are preoccupied with the pursuit of happiness in the material world. Furthermore, I learned for the first time that, although Christianity and Islam are two of the three major religions in the world, their understanding of hell is not enough. It made me realize how important it is for Happy Science’s teachings to spread. This year will be a difficult year in which there will be major changes, such as the disappearance of two countries, but I was glad to be able to have this opportunity so early in the year to strengthen my resolve to do what I can do.” — member in his 20s

“I was so grateful to hear that Master Okawa resolve this crisis by year 2050, and that he will stay with us until he is 90 or 95 years old to do that. I too hope to stay sharp in mind and strong in bodies until my nineties so that I can continue to serve the Lord for the entirety of my life.” — member in his 60s

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