Modern-Day Savior

The One who sent all the saviors that came before,
is here on earth right now
causing miracles on a scale never before seen
and steadfastly leading the world.

The name is El Cantare.

We are With Savior.

These are the very words of salvation.

And you too were born
to be With Savior
to make this world beautiful and joyful
here in the space century.

Master savior
Ever since publishing his first spiritual message in July 1985, Master Ryuho Okawa has worked tirelessly to show that God has never stopped guiding Humanity. The spiritual messages and readings he gives with the greatest spiritual power anyone in the history of the Earth has had are evidence that Heaven is real, gods and angels abound, hell and evil spirits are realities, and, furthermore, that outer space is teeming with all types of space beings. He gives teaching after teaching to deliver Humanity from harm, ruin or loss by showing us how we can not just save ourselves, but also resolve larger, macro issues. Whether it be about corporate management, national governance, or longstanding global challenges, he continues to give teachings in real time, and publishes them as books. He has given over 3,200 lectures, authored over 2,750 books (kyoutens), and given more than 1,100 spiritual messages and readings (as of November 2020).

His infinite teachings have also taken the form of movies and music. He has produced and planned over 21 full-length movies and documentaries released in theaters internationally and nationwide. His films are highly acclaimed internationally. He has also written and composed over 250 songs and pieces of music in order to remind them of Heaven and bring healing and salvation to people’s souls.

Master Okawa has lectured on all five continents, often in English. There are members in over 140 countries, 700 temples and shojas, and over 10,000 missionary centers (run my members from their homes and offices) around the world. His teachings have birthed activities in education, politics, publishing, the arts and charity, growing Happy Science into a world religion building a utopia in every area of life.

Answers to Global Challenges

Master - World Teacher
Master Ryuho Okawa is also World Teacher. Not only does he give teachings on the mind for a happier life and reveal Truths about the spirit world, he also cuts deep into ongoing global challenges that confound even world leaders. With his astonishing wisdom and profound insight, he breaks down issues such as the coronavirus, religious and ethnic violence, conflicts, poverty, climate change and more to present the right understanding and the way forward as they happen.

Warning against Chinese Hegemony

Before any government or media comprehended the global threat Communist China would become, Master Ryuho Okawa founded a political party called the Happiness Realization Party in 2009 to prepare Japan for the coming challenge. He also traveled the world to give lectures on freedom, democracy and faith in order to counter China’s ambitions for hegemony, military expansion, and human and religious rights violations caused by materialistic and atheist ways of thinking that communism is based on. India, Uganda and Nepal broadcast the news of his visit and the content of his lecture. In 2011, Master Okawa spoke in Hong Kong and proposed that China be like Hong Kong. Three years later, the Umbrella Revolution began. He has also spoken in Germany, Canada and Taiwan where China’s influence is growing and continues to urge China to self-reflect.

The words he speak are not predictions or prophecies, but God’s Plan itself.

“The future shall be built upon my words.”

Indeed, the world is moving in the direction Master Okawa says.

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On May 14, 2004, at the age of 47, Master Ryuho Okawa experienced severe cardiac arrest. When he saw the doctor the next day, he was told that his heart was not contracting, and that, clinically, he should be dead.

That night, in the ICU, Master Okawa made up his mind to become a Savior. He resumed his work the following morning and, two weeks later, he was discharged from the hospital. This event that surpasses (defies) modern medical understanding is the New Resurrection. With his mind made up to lay down his life, he commenced visiting every temple to give lectures all over the world and fulfill his mission as the Savior.

The New Resurrection
My Miraculous Story of Overcoming Illness and Death
Since his resurrection, the number and the scale of the miracles that have been happening to people have grown explosively. One man’s daughter came back to life after 45 minutes of not breathing. A young woman’s mother fully recovered from the coronavirus. Whether it be through his lectures, ritual prayers, books, movies or music, more and more miracles are happening to people who encounter “The Savior’s Light.”
My dead daughter came back to life!
My Mother Recovered from the Coronavirus Infection Through Ritual Prayer!

El Cantare Music

The Thunder

- a composition for repelling the Coronavirus -

The Real Exorcism
The Exorcism

- prayer music for repelling Lost Spirits -

Combating the Coronavirus

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic quickly overtook the world. To understand why Humankind is being faced with such a crisis now, Master Ryuho Okawa, with his tremendous spiritual power, recorded spiritual messages from Buddha, Jesus Christ, Edgar Casey and other high spirits, as well as from space people who watch over and protect Earth. What was revealed was that the coronavirus is a communist virus originating in China and China has waged a virus war in order to gain hegemony. On the other hand, it is also a reflection of the need for humankind to reflect on their belief that science is complete and restore their faith in God. To defeat the virus, Master Okawa continues to give teachings on how to strengthen your immunity. He also gives ways to survive the coronavirus recession and speaks extensively on the importance of protecting freedom and democracy to prevent society from falling into totalitarianism or becoming a surveillance society.

Master of Even the Galactic Messiahs

Master - Spiritual Message
Master Ryuho Okawa’s spiritual research is also revealing the existence of various types of aliens and UFOs, some of them Galactic Saviors who are fighting galactic devils in order to protect planet Earth. The messages from these galactic messiahs not only reveal that El Cantare is the God of the Earth but also the Master of the Universe, heralding the beginning of the Space Age.

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“While the Savior of this Earth has certain limits while He is in a physical body, when He departs from it, when He takes a spiritual form and become a space being, He also works to teach the other Messiah-certified beings in other galaxies. You should know this. We are existences that influence each other mutually. (…) Know that the Messiah of the Earth is actually someone who also guides on other planets and in other galaxies as well. How far will the last teachings he gives go? That is what we are watching now.

A space being from Planet Elder in the Magellanic Clouds. He is a powerful being with higher-dimensional powers in the Earth Spirit World and is a god of justice-like being. On Elder, he works as someone like the chief justice and highest-ranking statesman and is in charge of justice and judgment. In the past, Yaidron was taught by El Cantare on a Messiah-training planet and is currently protecting Master Ryuho Okawa, who is the human incarnation of El Cantare. Yaidron has an infinite life span, transcending both physical and spiritual bodies. He has been involved with the rise and fall of civilizations, wars, and major disasters on Earth.

You can never get true faith
If you are swayed by such words of
Impious or secular people.
Believe in your Lord God.
The Lord God is connected to the universe.
You cannot learn the true view of the universe
Except through the One and Only God.
Please live powerfully
And with a strong mind.

A space being from Planet Andulacia Beta in Ursa Minor. One of the commanders of the space defense force. A certified Messiah. He possesses a religious side, as well as the ability to create advanced civilizations on a planetary level. His present role is to protect Master Ryuho Okawa who is the human incarnation of El Cantare.

When El Cantare is working as El Cantare, he uses the many angels on Earth and outside of Earth, including ourselves, in order to fulfill His mission.

A space being from Planet Include in the Sagittarius Constellation. He is a part of Jesus Christ’s space soul (Amor), the highest-classed angel protecting the Lord and one of the “Gods of Light.” Since the past, he has worked to bring peace as a symbol of galactic power when large wars erupted on Earth. 6,500 years ago, he was born on earth in Mesopotamia. Today, he helps Master Ryuho Okawa, who is the human incarnation of El Cantare.

Be With Savior

When the coronavirus is ravaging the world,

A global recession and a war are on the horizon,

And materialism and atheism – a belief in only what you can see and touch – is increasingly the norm.

how could a Savior not appear in this time of darkness?
The world needs to hear the voice of Truth.

The Savior is here on Earth, with us.

May you open your heart and follow the words of the Savior.