“The Laws Of Messiah” is the guidance the world will need in 2022
Lord God speaks to you
The Messiah is here on Earth, revealing Truth, clearing away confusion, and showing the way to progress with harmony.

The confusion of is there God, who is God, is pushing people away from faith. But without God, more and more of us are simply loving others in order to get something from them. How do you peacefully dismantle military regimes? How do you help others out of poverty? What is the way for human beings to thrive in an era of fast scientific and technological growth? This is the book that answers all these urgent questions and reminds us of what it means to be truly human.

Please make sure you get this incredibly important book, and share it with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, community, and beyond.


What kind of being is a messiah or savior?
〇The 21st century seen from the God’s eyes.
The crisis the Earth is facing and what is expected of human beings

〇Elohim – the God of Justice and Mercy
The value judgement of good and evil on Earth

〇Jesus Christ, Moses, Hong Xiuquan, John Lennon, Nelson Mandela
Past movements of messiahs and their tragedies

〇The secret that humanity is learning for the first time
The spiritual awakening that happens in Shambhala

〇The Earth is a training ground for the soul
Why it is important to believe in the Lord God and love others

Protect Hong Kong and Taiwan – the key to protecting world peace

〇After Hong Kong and Taiwan will come the subjugation of other Southeast Asian states. Japan could be colonized too

〇COVID is a Chinese biological weapon
The world needs the wisdom to discern what is happening

〇The violation of human rights that can result from A.I. totalitarianism
The danger of “surveillance capitalism” seen in GAFA

〇How Ms. Greta is being “used” by China
How taking action for climate change is being used as a way to weaken Western democratic states
Hear the voice of the One who protects the Earth

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.
— Good and Evil Taught by the God of the Earth

1 The Origin of Good and Evil on Earth
2 The Difficulty of Judging Good and Evil Today When People Have Forgotten God’s Laws
3 Japan Must Plan for the Future and Say What Must Be Said
4 Realize the Dangers of Totalitarianism and Fight for Freedom in the 21st Century
5 The Savior’s Work is Heavy in an Age of Eight Billion People

Chapter 2 What the Messiah Should Say and Do Now
— Showing the Way at the Turning Point of Human History

1 Looking Back on the 20th Century, the Age When the Modern Messiah Was Born
2 History of Intrusion by the Strong Countries and How Messiahs Acted at the Time
3 The Impact Atomic Bombings Have Had on Humankind
4 The True Work of the Messiah to Protect Peace on Earth
5 Why is Communism Dangerous in the Eyes of the God of the Earth
6 The Modern Messiah’s Message on What Humankind Must Do Now

Chapter 3 The Teachings of Messiah
— The Battle to Change the Values with Words of God

1 The Difficulty of Acknowledging the Messiah, the One Chosen by God
2 The Fight over the Values in History: Messiah vs. Worldly Authority
3 Modern Groups of People that Confuse the Teachings of Messiah
4 The Teachings of Messiah Required in This Age

Chapter 4 The Heart of the Earth
— Shambhala That Promotes Spiritual Awakening of Humanity

1 Shambhala: The Secrets of the Earth
2 Initiation to Become a Messiah
3 Gaining Back the Heart of Shambhala

Chapter 5 The Love of Messiah
— Love on Earth, the Training Ground for the Souls

1 Why Messiah Exists — Thinking from the Way This World Works
2 What Human Beings Must Not Lose Sight of through Soul Experiences
3 The Battle between Common Sense and Faith
4 Convey the Love of Your Lord God
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What were the main messages that El Cantare wanted to teach us Disciples?

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Let us take this time now to reflect over 2021 and start thinking about our mission as a human being in entering the new stage for this planet Earth, which will be opened by newest Kyouten (book) from Master Okawa, “The Laws of Messiah.”

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Watch Master Okawa's Latest Lectures

Category: Lecture
Recorded: November 23, 2021

As Special Head Temple, Holy Land El Cantare Seitankan (Yoshinogawa City, Tokushima Prefecture) the main venue, Master Ryuho Okawa has given us the commemoration lecture on the day of The First Turning of the Wheel of Truth entitled, “The Light of Self-Discipline”.
*November 23, 1986 is the day when Master Ryuho Okawa, Lord El Cantare gave his very first lecture in Nippori Shuhan Kaikan (currently called The Commemoration Hall of the First Turning of the Wheel of Truth) Tokyo.


The reason why Happy Science has many teachings on self-discipline and self-help.
What are the conditions to make miracles happen?
The pitfalls of urban elites. What is lacking in education now.
The virtues of religion that wells up through long-continuing efforts.
How Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture in German and Canada as well as the opinions stated in Taiwan about problems on Uyghur moved the world.
The Cold War situation President Biden has created and the possibility of another war situation next year
The mindset needed today: “After each person becomes independent, a country can be independent.”
The aspiration of Master Ryuho Okawa who holds the world’s number one record and has followers in over 160 countries.
How to overcome the pandemic and become a great nation

<From the audience>
・I will build myself up and become great even a slightest bit. I will give a helping hand to people and always think about what I can do to make the world better. I will make continuous efforts.(50’s/ Female)

・I was moved by the message that through knowing the importance of self-transformation, despite family status or anything, if you make diligent efforts day by day can lead you to become a light for the world. It really touched my heart.(40’s/ Female)

・A life of taking is not good. It’s important to make self-discipline and build yourself and guide the people around you. What should I choose. I will do my best to do what I can. I will never forget this word and keep making diligent efforts.(50’s/ Female)

・I was getting tired with all the dole-out politics. I was happy to know that Master felt the same way. (50’s/Female)

・The lecture gave me courage and the feeling of wanting to become a light to shine even in limited places.(50’s/Male)

・I was able to understand the importance of the spirit of self-help. (40’s/Male)

・I became cheerful after hearing Master Okawa speak the important thing as a human and what I had long been thinking about. I will keep each word from Master in my heart. (80’s/Female)

Category: English Lecture
Recorded: November 17, 2021

Accept the current environment and think what you can do now
In such a time when people are suffering from coronavirus pandemic crisis, Master Okawa has given a lecture in easy words with examples to live strongly with hope and appreciation for what you are already given. What the humanity need now is the basic teachings of Buddhism, of knowing to be content.

◆“It’s enough” mind means to be content.

◆The essential key is to think about how we can live through 24 hours every day.

◆One of our sufferings comes from having “too much.”

◆Through China, Taiwan, and foreign affairs, we must learn the the importance of protecting the system of justice, human rights, and democracy.

◆Tough times never continues for so long but tough people do. Spread this teachings of hope to overcome setbacks.

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