Gratitude to Parents Reflection Seminar

Change your life with this powerful reflection seminar.

Available on scheduled Saturday’s and upon request.

Next scheduled seminar date is:

Saturday, March 27th: 2pm to 6pm 

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Gratitude to Parents Reflection Seminar

– A man saved his marriage after he practiced gratitude towards his mother and could let love in his heart. 

– A woman’s father with Alzheimer’s was able to remember her again. 

– A woman with ovarian cancer (stage 4) was able to heal after she reconciled with her mother.

These are real stories of participants who saw their problems resolve themselves when they focused on the roots – roots that can be found in the family and the way of thinking and living we develop in childhood.

This approach is not new in psychology. However, what sets this seminar apart is the spiritual perspective of life it is rooted in, and the powerful and mystical sutra that recalls lost memories and aids participants in seeing their parents and their childhood truthfully.

Coming to peace with our upbringing can have lasting and surprising effects on our relationships, health, and even financial issues, today.

Why this seminar?

This seminar is based on “The Sutra for Giving Thanks to Parents for Their Great Love,” a mystical sutra by Master Ryuho Okawa. The spiritual light in the words helps us remember the small actions of the love of our parents which we have overlooked as children.

Through this seminar you will be able to…

  • See your childhood and parents in a completely different light
  • Be released from the feeling of not being enough
  • Be someone of real and deep gratitude, no matter the circumstances you may be in
  • Connect to a pure and boundless inner vitality for life and work
  • Furthermore, you will be able to deepen your understanding of why you chose your parents and the environment you were born in, and feel the great, compassion and mercy of El Cantare – the Creator – flowing through it all.

Other unique features of this seminar:

  • We’ll learn the different aspects of love, such as unconditional love and conditional love
  • The meditation is like a treasure hunt
  • Your meditation will be spiritually protected so that you are not affected by negative memories
  • We’ll learn about the ‘menu of parents’
  • We’ll learn what is enlightenment for children
member prayers

Seminar length: 4 hours

Suggested donation: $100

The seminar will be conducted mainly in silent contemplation with videos from Master Okawa and explanations from the minister. Reach out to us if you would like to speak to the minister to deepen your self-reflection.

Stories from participants:

Ovarian cancer (stage 4) disappeared

“I developed ovarian cancer. It kept recurring, and I knew if it continued for five more years, it would destroy me. I took this seminar over and over again to reflect on my relationship with my mother, whom I had a life-long conflict with. Recognizing and accepting my mother’s love was a key point to recognizing and accepting the love God has for me. Three years later, my recurring cancer disappeared.”

A Violent Step Father

“In my mind, my stepfather was a violent man. But this seminar made me see him in an entirely new light, and also remember instances that have now changed who he is to me. Through seeing things from the perspective of ‘life is a workbook’ I appreciate who my stepfather was and what he has given me.”

Unsatisfied with Quiet Father

“I grew up with a very quiet and passive father. It frustrated me and I rebelled as a teen. But taking this seminar, I discovered that the quiet attitude of my father was actually his great love because it led to my own development, interest in the creative fields, and independence. I am so grateful now because, whereas I used to think I never got the loved I wanted, I got the love I needed.”

Next scheduled seminar date is:

Saturday, March 27th: 2pm to 6pm 

Register or contact for more information below!