The documentary film, “Living in the Age of Miracles”

The documentary film, “Living in the Age of Miracles”

A documentary film of miracle stories

—From over 1,200 cases of miracles, Rin and Ryoma introduce 12 people who experienced miracles and recovered from serious illness such as terminal cancer, leukemia, brain trauma, and more.
Through the 12 real-life stories in this documentary film, discover the relationship between prayer and miracles.


Terminal cancer, leukemia, heart attack, and traffic accident― Some people make miraculous recoveries from fatal conditions. This documentary film looks into the real-life miracles that happened to actual people. Rin Kijima and Ryoma Ichihara guide us through the twelve true stories of miracles.


A woman overcoming terminal cancer, a man recovering from a heart attack, a woman surviving a fatal brain injury, a girl resurrected from death through prayer… these are some of the real miracles that happened to people featured in this documentary. What are miracles? Why and how they occur? To find the answers to these questions, presenters Rin Kijima and Ryoma Ichihara explore more than 1,200 cases of miracles and interview those who have experienced them. Through their quest, they realize the significance of faith, the power of prayer, and the existence of God. What is the meaning of illness and suffering in life? What is true love? What is the purpose of life? This spiritual and inspiring documentary is for all people who are seeking the answers to life’s fundamental questions.

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