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“Before the Sunset” Movie Reviews

We all have different regrets in life, whether it be work or family-related. The main character in the movie also felt this way because he lived his life chasing success and overlooking love. Love is a very important quality for humanity and must not be forgotten. Here, let us introduce two things to keep in mind so that you can reevaluate your life and not live a life of regret.

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Nobel Eightfold Path Retreat

Jointly organized by Toronto members and NY temple, this retreat is aimed at bringing East Coast members closer, and taking our self-reflection, or soul-cleaning, deeper. Self-reflection practiced in an overnight-stay, temple environment can bring about mystical experiences that further your conviction of the Truth and your faith, which is the key component of true, unwavering confidence.

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The Art of Influence Koan Seminar #2

“Many of us spend much of our lives dwelling on problems we have no control over, while we neglect problems that our efforts can help solve. What can we possibly achieve in life if we keep trying to solve problems that we have no power over? We need to learn to distinguish between what we do have control over from what we don’t and to put the latter aside.

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