Creation of a New World

First El Cantare Celebration lecture given December 26th 1991
Available to watch only until Dec 31st 2023

Creation of a New World is the first El Cantare celebration lecture Master Okawa gave. Join us this Sunday to watch this lecture to understand why Lord El Cantare is an existence that should not take on a human form to appear before us.

“For many of you, the name El Cantare might still be new.
For those who have yet to encounter this Truth, it might sound nothing more than a mystery.

El Cantare means “The Beautiful Land of Light, Earth.”
It refers to the soul that has been involved since the genesis of the Earth, before humankind.

The consciousness of the Dharma (Law), as it is in the nine-dimensional world, is my true form.
I am an existence that should not take on a human form to appear before you.

Despite that, I, for the third time, have descended to this Earth.
They were all times when all humankind were faced with an unprecedented crisis, in an era of a new genesis.
Only then do I appear.”

“You are now at a crossroad where one age is ending,
and whether a new one can be created.
This is not something I alone can accomplish.
Every one of you is the main character of this salvation movement.”

“I point out your sins while also preaching the laws of salvation.”

– Creation of a New World
by Master Ryuho Okawa

The Creation of a New World

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The impermanence of all things, the egolessness of all beings, and the perfect tranquility of nirvana are the marks of the Dharma, the Eternal Law, the laws of the universe taught by the Eternal Buddha. But what is the fourth dharma gate required of us today? For the age we are living in, when Lord El Cantare is here on earth, is the time of creation of a new world.

Join us for the annual El Cantare Celebration.
On this day, we will give thanks to Lord El Cantare for revealing the Laws and
renew our pledge to keep spreading the Truth.

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Available only until December 31st 2023