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The majority of people misunderstand love

“An increasing number of people simply believe that love is something to take or is given by others. This idea is prevalent in communist countries as well–often in the economic sense. They believe, “The have-nots have the right to exploit the haves by taking from them.”

But this way of thinking is wrong. Humans are born into this world for the purpose of spiritually developing themselves by making efforts and achieving something of value. That is why it is not good to take what other people have earned through hard work when you yourself did nothing or to create a system that allows you to do so. Creating such a system can also lead to the corruption of individuals.

Another example of the misunderstanding of love is the social welfarism found in liberal societies. I will not go as far as to deny that this is one of the useful systems that humanity invented, but in some cases, it has merely been used as a replacement for communism in dissolving people’s dissatisfaction and complaints. As a result, it can cause a nation to go bankrupt and collapse on its own without God or Buddha having to use their power.

In Japan too, the government continues to spend twice as much as the tax its citizens pay. This indicates that the country will go bankrupt at some point in time. The same can be said of the United States and most members of the EU; some poor countries in Asia and Africa have already gone through bankruptcy.

You must have an “It’s enough” mind and think about how to live within your income. It is important to make a paradigm shift regarding love: from ‘taking love’ to ‘giving love.’ Giving love is the power of God or Buddha that has been allowing humanity to live. Humans must also take on a role and practice a kind of love that indiscriminately sheds light, just like the sun.

Creating utopia is mentioned in various ideologies, but you must be able to strictly distinguish utopia from dystopia.”

The Laws of Hell
by Master Ryuho Okawa

El Cantare’s Teachings on Politics and Forecasting 2024
Special Guest: Rev. Sam Nishihata

Why are people in politics and government also interested in El Cantare faith and teachings?

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