New Year's Ritual Prayer Service

The essence of ritual prayers

“Your happiness is not just for yourself. Your happiness is so that you can bring greater happiness to a greater number of people.

So please, do not use ritual prayers to fulfill your small desires. Wish strongly that your happiness, and your family’s happiness, will lead to the happiness and prosperity of all people, of the whole world, and of the universe. That is right prayer.

Right prayers like that will surely be able to receive the power of the Light of Heaven. Be infinitely pure, infinitely egoless, and pray, “O Light of Truth, please come into me, and guide me. “Such a prayer will bring about a great effect.”

– The Essence of Kigans (Ritual Prayers)
by Master Ryuho Okawa

Two states of mind to aim for:

1. Live with a transparent heart
2. Live with love

Live with a transparent heart

“At the end of the day, look back and see if you have lacked in any effort, made too harsh a remark to others, hurt someone or caused some trouble. If you found any mistakes, reflect on them one by one and clear away any negativity.

This practice of self-reflection will polish your heart; as if wiping the surface of a mirror, your heart will gradually be transparent. Then, light from heaven will start to flow into you. This light will make miracles, multiplying your power to live twofold or even tenfold.”

Live with Love

“Go beyond your differences and overcome difficult obstacles to create an age where all people can live together. Just turn on the small generator in your heart and pray, “Let me be of service to others, even if a little,” “Let me be a kind person,” or “May that person’s life get better.”

If your prayer is based on genuine love, then that act of love is immortal. It will never disappear. It will forever be recorded in your soul.”

– The Power to Make Miracles
by Master Ryuho Okawa

New Year’s Kigan (Ritual Prayer) Service

Happy Science New Year’s Prayer service is an opportunity to thank Lord El Cantare, Master Ryuho Okawa, and the guiding spirits in Heaven for giving us a new year and ask for their protection and guidance. We also pledge the Four Great Vows in addition to our resolutions for personal growth and for practicing the teaching of “Love the Lord, love your neighbors.”

New Year’s Prayer for Success and Progress
New Year’s Prayer for Economic Prosperity
New Year’s Prayer for Safety at Home
New Year’s Prayer for Academic Success
New Year’s Prayer for Marriage

New Year’s Prayer for Traffic Safety

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