"The Laws of the Sun" Seminar

If life ends with death,
why do you study and go through hardships?

“If you think life is just the decades of time spent in this world from birth to death, then “The Laws of the Sun” will completely overturn your views.”

— Master Ryuho Okawa

Why is this book urgently needed today?

  • To protect people from materialistic and live-for-the-moment ideas that claim we only live once

  • To end hatred, anger and distrust among religions

Why do we need to know that life doesn’t end with death?
All negative emotions such as dissatisfaction, worry, anger and jealousy have their roots in the belief that human beings only live once.

  • The idea that human beings end up as dust and ashes after some decades of earthly life gives rise to egotism and self-centeredness.
  • It leads to bringing others down in the hope of raising one’s own standing.
  • It leads to wanting to control or use others to satisfy our own desires. (For example, when we complain about someone, it is often because we failed to make that person think or feel in the way we want them to.)
  • The separation of self from others traps us in a whirlpool of loneliness. Jealousy, fear, suspicion, abuse, complaints, pain and sorrow arise because we lock ourselves in a cage of sorrow, a lonely world where people never give to each other.

Learning that life is eternal is what allows us to love others, bring up each other, and forgive one another, without differentiating between the self and others.

But for life to be eternal, there must be a permanent supply of energy.
What is this source that gives and sustains eternal life? What is the reason?

Join us this Sunday to find out!

“The Laws of the Sun” Seminar

Sunday January 28th 1-3:00pm

To reveal the Truth about the soul is why past religions and philosophies were developed and passed down. It is also the ultimate purpose of natural science and space science. Join this seminar to learn the core message of this book, and discover the wonderful truth about your soul.

Join us in person or on Zoom
Happy Science New York
$30 suggested donation

Within its pages are:

    • The most detailed description of how “Will” brought everything into existence
    • How the higher dimensions created the lower dimension. Why each individual is a part of the Creator’s consciousness
    • Self-reflection (the Eightfold Path) and Love as the desirable forms of spiritual discipline for modern people
    • The rise and fall of Earth’s civilizations (In the past 1 million years of the 400 million-year history of humankind).
    • Revealing the name El Cantare

“I want to end religious war for good.

In order to stop a war, its root cause must be addressed. This war is caused by hatred, anger, and distrust. The two sides do not understand each other.

One of my teachings is the cycle of rebirth.

If we study the cycle of rebirth carefully, it becomes clear that one person may be born in Europe at one time, then in the US, then in China, then in Korea, then in Japan. This shows how inappropriate it is to waste our energy hating people because of their nationality.

Today, the world population is larger than ever and it is still growing.

This is the era I have chosen to spread the teachings of Happy science, so that the people of the world may be saved from a future of fear, and instead, ring in an age of Light.”

– Master Ryuho Okawa
On “The Laws of the Sun”

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