We create a rough life plan before we are born

But we are the ones who decides what to do and how to develop our life

We create a rough life plan before we are born

Christianity teaches very little about the spirit world, where the soul dwells prior to life on Earth. So most people have little information about the spirit world or do not believe in it. Nonetheless, we create a rough life plan before we are born. A rough life plan would include
  • choosing your parents
  • your birthplace
  • who makes up your close relationships
  • picking, to some degree, what kind of occupation you wish to pursue. In most cases, people have one skill or distinguished ability.
But does it mean your destiny is set in stone? No. If you could not change your destiny or lead a different life, then being born on Earth would have no meaning!

You are the one who decides what to do and how to develop your life

  • 50% of your life is determined by you and your efforts
  • 25% is determined by the framework — your personality, nature and plans — that you set out into this lifetime with
  • 25% is decided by your encounters with spiritual beings. But through religious training, you will be able to receive guidance from spirits in Heaven. In this way, you can increase your control over your life to 75%

— from “The Moment of Truth”
by Master Ryuho Okawa


“You’ve said before that we’re all born with a life plan that we created before we set out for this world. Is it possible for us to make changes to this plan as we live our lives in this world?”

Our original life plans can be altered

“Just as we each have a different personality, we each created our life plan in a different way.

Some of us are born with very detailed plans, while others have rough plans, some of which only say where and to whom we want to be born and leave everything else up to circumstances. The souls with this less specific kind of life plan often came here just hoping to have fun. The reason for this difference more or less lies in the differences in our soul levels — that is, the degrees of spiritual progress that our souls have reached. For the greater your mission is in this life, the more detailed your soul’s life plan often is.

The course of destiny does change, however, and our original life plans can be altered. Our conditions and circumstances constantly shift as we live our lives in this world, and those changes may bring us more meaningful soul-training experiences than those we originally planned. This can happen when we underestimate the level of progress our souls will make. Over the course of decades of effort in this life, we might get further ahead than we had imagined. Sure enough, the opposite sometimes happens too: sometimes, the goals we set before birth were too high for us to reach, and so we have to downshift.

But when souls have underestimated their potential, their original plan isn’t necessarily the best course for them to take. It’s more important that they shift their goals higher, so as not to let this opportunity go to waste. And by doing so, they’ll invite the best assistance that their guardian and guiding spirits can give them.”

The Art of Influence
by Master Ryuho Okawa

Koan Contemplation Seminar
Art of Influence #6

While the course of our lives is largely determined by our own aspirations and efforts, the people we meet can have a great, positive impact on us. Did you know that this is something you can seek? Learn what Master Okawa means when he says, “Cultivating inner virtue can turn the course of your fate in a positive direction when a supporter appears into your life.” Join us in taking time to reflect on whether you might be pushing these supporters away, and how you can change your mindset to appreciating and welcoming them into your life.

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