My Mother Recovered from the Coronavirus Infection Through Ritual Prayer!

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In America, when the city was under a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Annette’s mother became infected with the coronavirus. We asked her on how she overcame the fear of her mother’s death.

I have to save my mother

It was in March of this year, when the number of infected people with the novel coronavirus was increasing fast to about hundreds and thousands of people and my area was beginning to go into lockdown. My mother gave me a phone call….
“I can’t breathe.”

I told my mother to go to the hospital immediately and I went to Happy Science local temple* by myself to take the ritual prayer, “Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China.” I thought if my mother dies now, I will definitely have regrets. The reason I thought this is because I’ve had troubles with my mother since I was a child. My mother had been in depression after losing my older sister to an illness shortly after I was born. She would restrict me from seeing my friends or going abroad to study, so I’ve always resented her.

But after I became a member of Happy Science, I began to have gratitude towards her. When I started studying Master Okawa’s teachings and reflecting on myself, I realized that if it had not been for my mother’s love of raising me up on her own, I wouldn’t have been able to go to college. So, I wanted to improve my relationship with her.

I thought I needed to throw the negative past with my mom away. I thought I wanted to have a better, positive relationship with her. While I was taking the ritual prayer at the temple, I felt my heart becoming filled with the Lord’s Light and I started feeling warm. I felt assured that my mother must still have something to live for and she will definitely get better.

Annette | New York | USA

Master Okawa’s Teachings Saved Me

A few days later, my mother was tested positive with the coronavirus. She wasn’t breathing very well, only had 10% oxygen by herself, and was taken into the ICU. In Master Okawa’s lecture, “How to Strengthen Your Immunity,” I had already learned that fear is what weakens our immune system, so I made sure to call my mother three to six times a day to assure her that she was going to be OK.

Then, my mother just kept getting better and was moved out of the ICU on her fifth day after she was hospitalized and on her eighth she was discharged! I was so grateful for this, but what’s more, a miracle happened! My mother, who would always talk about herself started to think about other people, became more understanding, and is more thoughtful of my perspective too. What’s more, I was able to tell her that I love her. It was the first time since I was a kid that I was able to tell her. My relationship with her has changed a lot. My mother is still not a member, but she now has gratitude towards God and says she wants to help other people from now on.

Happy Science teachings have helped cure illness and improve my relationship with my mother. I have only gratitude to Master Okawa.

Annette took this prayer

“Prayer for Defeating the Infection of Novel Coronavirus Originated in China” is available to take at all Happy Science locations.

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How to Strengthen Your Immunity
How to Strengthen Your Immunity
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