The True Words Spoken By Buddha Booklet​

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The True Words Spoken by Buddha
A life-changing sutra by Lord El Cantare
Find a portion of His teachings in this booklet
Find the Peace of Mind You’ve Been Seeking

Meditation is a way of fine-tuning the vibrations of the mind so that we may receive heaven’s light and savor the bliss of inner peace. For many people, the mind is often in a scattered state.

Unless we make a deliberate effort to calm our mind, our inner world is going to remain in a state of disarray. We must train our mind to free itself of thoughts what are disharmonious to ourselves and the universe and aim to achieve a state in which tranquility alone pervades our whole being. We accomplish this by withdrawing the mind from negative thoughts and enriching it with musings about heaven instead.

There is a common misconception that meditation is about making your mind blank. But the real aim is to find a complete state of relaxation by stopping distresses from emerging in the mind. Reaching an authentic meditative state requires understanding why we really practice mediation.

The more we practice inner peace meditation, the more skillful and swifter we will be at resisting the influence of outer circumstances. We will be capable of entering a state of meditation at will. With this discipline, when life throws a stone into our inner lake, we will have the power to calm the ripples.


Testimonies: Inner Peace

Peace of Mind Begins from Giving Love

I see a lot of unpleasant things and corruption in my home country of South Africa. I felt dismayed about the world situation, but I suddenly came in contact with Happy Science. Once I started reciting the sutras and prayers of Happy Science, it made a huge difference. Everything that is taught at Happy Science is about the giving of love. I realized for myself that I have a lot of love to give and that I can give more. Now I’m living my dream to teach disadvantaged children to play golf. Moreover, now I just enjoy life and appreciate it every day.

Got Off of Medication Through Reciting this Sutra

Raising two children with cerebral palsy by myself was physically and emotionally fatiguing. I often cried from loneliness and uncertainty. After a few years of deteriorating, I was prescribed schizophrenia. The medication was working but every day felt so hazy. But once I found Happy Science and started reciting the sutra out loud, from the bottom of my heart, my condition started getting better. The doctor told me to come off of the medication, as I no longer needed it! My heart is now filled with calm happiness knowing that others facing similar experiences can get better.

Overcoming the Terror of Failing in Business

I had been working in the hotel industry of Hawaii around the year 2001. My wife and I had just welcomed our son into the world and had bought a new house. Around the same time, the 9/11 Terrorist Attack occurred. Tourism in Hawaii went to an all-time low. The hotel industry fell into a depression and I lost my job. All I could think was, “Why is this happening to me?” At that time, I couldn’t control my anger and blamed the company I had worked for. I was hot-blooded and got upset very easily. Then I started studying the teachings of Happy Science and reciting the sutras and prayers. Soon after, I could practice self-reflection and take control of my mood. It feels really good to always be in control and live with a peaceful mind.

The Wavelengths of the Mind
Our minds are constantly emitting wavelengths according to the vibration of our thought energy. The mind aligns to the place in the multidimensional universe which matches its frequency. It is said that the mind can attune to 3000 worlds. By reciting this sutra every day, your mind will become calmer and calmer, as your wavelengths shift from beta waves into alpha waves. Your happiness will increase as your mind becomes more unshakable and peaceful. This is the truth of “nirvana.”

The Core Teaching to Obtain Peace of Mind
The core of Happy Science’s teachings is based on Buddhist principles. Amongst them are a variety of methods to obtain peace of mind. For example, the three seals of the Dharma: impermanence, egolessness, and nirvana. Also, freeing oneself from the three poisons: greed, anger, and complaint. If all of the teachings of Happy Science were concentrated into one small booklet, it would be “The True Words Spoken by Buddha”. In fact, all 3000+ books of Master Okawa are reference material for this sutra.

Meditation at Happy Science Temples
While many people turn to substances, medications, and media programs to unwind their minds, the best and most natural way to relax is with meditation. Such aforementioned people are masking the problem and not helping themselves in any way. By doing meditation correctly, we can receive light from Heaven. Whereas we also receive the sustaining energy of spiritual light in our sleep, meditation allows us to concentrate the light energy for unique purposes. Meditation can lead to deep states of inner peace and serenity. But ultimately, the environment must be spiritually prepared. This is why we recommend coming to Happy Science Temples.


Do not let other people’s vibrations disturb your mind.

Abandon worldly desires and negative thoughts.

Gradually, Drive away the distracting thoughts

out of your mind.

Breathe in slowly through your nose,

And breathe out steadily through your mouth.

Do not breathe with your chest;

Let the breath sink down to your stomach.

Practice this breathing method,

Stop the slightest ‘movements’

That occurs in your mind,

And seek the state

Of freedom from all distracting thoughts,

You will begin to feel joy rising

from deep within your body.

And then, you will be enveloped

by complete tranquility.

Savor this state of nirvana.

From “The State of Nirvana”

by Ryuho Okawa


Testimonies: Overcoming Negativity

Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

“Maybe if I jump, it would be over…” These were the thoughts running through my head as I dragged myself to work in the mornings. I was diagnosed with depression soon after. I divorced my husband, who had been accumulating lots of debt. That’s when the loneliness and fatigue really started. Then, one of my friends began taking me to Happy Science. When I received The True Words Spoken by Buddha, I felt as if a small light was turned on in my heart. I began reciting the sutra every day to turn my mind in a more positive direction. Every word of the sutra sank deep into my heart and warmed my whole being. Gradually I started feeling confidence in myself as a child of God. I was no longer “good-for-nothing” after all. I started feeling strong confidence in myself and got a new job. With all of this, I feel very happy.

Triumphing Over My Depression

For eleven years I suffered from depression. I left my job at a major stock brokerage firm to start studying to become a CPA to further my career. One morning, I woke up and found I couldn’t get out of bed. When I finally went to go see a psychiatrist, I was told I was suffering from severe depression. At the suggestion of a friend, I became a member of Happy Science. Studying the teachings was hard for me with all the thoughts in my head. I was then recommended to try cleaning the temple. Doing so, my mind started to calm down. I gradually realized what “giving love” means. My heart began feeling lighter and now I enjoy reciting the sutras of Happy Science. I no longer need medication and I am full of gratitude!

First, by means of “reflection,” it is important to rid the spirit body of any evil thoughts that linger within. Reflection is the means by which the light of Buddha or God enters.

Movies on Exorcism

Beautiful Lure Movie
Beautiful Lure (2021)
The Real Exorcist (2020)

Music for Exorcism

Untitled picture
Music infused with God's Divine Light to keep evil spirits away from you

This Sutra Can Expel all Types of Evil Spirits
The Truth is, evil spiritual beings really do exist. They are a manifestation of the negative thought energy and the desires of the people living on earth. However, we can overcome the havoc they bring by having a mind free of attachments, worries, and hatred. By freeing the mind from the dust and dirt which accumulates on the mind through various circumstances, we can live a peaceful, happy life. The True Words Spoken by Buddha is the most effective way to polish the mind, leading to protection from negativities.

No Devil Can Defeat God
First of all, Hell was not created by God. A long time ago, Hell didn’t even exist. The mechanism of the other world is that our thoughts manifest instantly. Indeed, human beings created the realm known as Hell through negative thoughts and worldly desires. This means by thinking in tune with God’s Light or God’s Energy, we can blast away all negativity within and reawaken to the place of our origin, known as Heaven.

Overcoming Possession with Self-Reflection
We can’t turn back the clocks of time and repair a broken vase, but things that occur within the mind can be undone. If you regret having done something wrong and reflect deeply upon the deed in your mind, then the sin will be wiped from your past. This is the spiritual discipline of removing the stains and tarnishes that obscure the mind, and attuning it to the higher realms of Heaven. By practicing self-reflection, we can increase our awareness, polish our divine nature, and protect ourselves from negative spiritual influences or possessions.

The Possession

It’s already 39 years since I had my first spiritual awakening. The title of this book, “The Possession”, has been a very important theme for a long time.

In many cases, what people think they are doing of their own free will is actually influenced by the phenomenon of spiritual possession. This means it’s also quite difficult to judge between good and bad in the legal meaning.

There is the law of the same wavelengths, and usually the person who is possessed and the spirit who is possessing both have a similar tendency of the soul. If this is the case, then it means that you can choose your “spiritual friend” by making the effort of changing yourself.

A life of blaming other people and the environment is empty. Go closer toward the light. You can find various hints scattered inside this book.

Ryuho Okawa
Master & CEO of
Happy Science Group
Jan. 28, 2020


Testimonies: Healing

Healing from Cancerous Ovarian Cyst

I was shocked to learn that I had a cancerous ovarian cyst, which required urgent medical treatment. Five months after surgery and taking medication, the tumor had grown 50% in size. The pain was unbearable. When I went to Happy Science, I was told to practice self-reflection and recite The True Words Spoken by Buddha. I read the sutra every day and reflected every night. I found that a lot of anger and frustration towards my husband began to disappear, and at the same time, the cancer did too! I’m now completely cancer free!

Miracle of Healing from Stage 4 Cancer

I felt something was wrong in my breast, but after a quick internet search, I decided that it was just inflammation. When I finally saw the doctor, he told me I had terminal breast cancer and had only 4 months to live. After listening to the side-effects of the treatment, I chose to fight it without western medicine. Through deep self-reflection all day, every day, and listening to Master Okawa’s lectures, I prepared myself for death. When I went in for testing, there was no longer any sign of cancer. It has been two years now with no sign of recurrence. My life is a gift, so I’ll use it for others.

power of the mind → reflection → gratitude → diligence → prayer

Member Story

My prayer of love was answered

My Mother Recovered from the Coronavirus Infection Through Ritual Prayer!

Defeat Covid-19! Encouragement for Strengthening Your Power of Immunity!

by Ryuho Okawa

70 to 80 percent of illnesses are caused by conflicts and stressful thinking in your mind.

The other 20 to 30 percent is caused by physical influences.

When we look into your worries, we will know what illness you might have in the future.

When we know what illness you have, we will know why you are worried.

If you have fears or worries in your mind, it will manifest on your body as illness.

That is because your mind and body are connected.

So by healing your mind, your health will recover.

This is the basic truth.

There are millions of harmful substances to human body.

Such as viruses that are everywhere on Earth.

Yet, some people get ill and some don’t.

Check yourself in the light of Buddha’s Truth and find where you have strayed from the Middle Path.

By doing so, you can protect yourself from and cure your illness.

The Sutra Can Help Heal All Types of Illnesses
The Spiritual Laws which govern this Great Universe are absolute and unchangeable. One such everlasting Truth is the fact that all living beings are spiritual existences which temporarily visit this material world to fulfill their purpose or mission. The material world exists within a vast multidimensional system and operates according to the Law of Cause and Effect. That being the case, if you have a mission to accomplish in this world, beings from the higher dimensions (angels) will work to keep you alive and healthy. This sutra connects you with those higher spirits and God, aligning your mind to your true, Immortal self.

Don’t be too Afraid of Viruses
Infection and fear actually have a close connection. A virus weakens the body that it’s possessing, but something else happens before that. In the case of a rapid outbreak of a virus, before the virus can jump from person to person, fear spreads first. A characteristic of fear is that it attracts what you fear. So please do not have too much fear. Your power of belief in God will become your immunity. Your immunity will strengthen if you believe in God’s power, believe in God’s protection, and live by your faith. Another way is to use the power of meditation. If every day, time to time again, you practice “The Golden Butter Meditation,” heavenly light from Buddha will seep into your body and defeat the virus.
*Anyone can join our Meditation Classes.

The Reality of Your Mind
Happy Science by no means denies Western Medicine. However, solving illnesses from the outside is only half the battle. We have a mind, which is the core of your soul. Your body’s cells are continuously replacing themselves, meaning your body is always changing, like a river. Therefore, if an illness continues to persist, it means you are creating the illness from within. Otherwise, the sick cells would have replaced themselves with fresh, healthy ones. Going within the mind to solve illnesses is vitally important. Please think deeply about the meaning behind your illness.

Movies on Healing

Living in the Age of Miracles (2020)
Immortal Hero (2019)

Music for Healing

Untitled picture
Music infused with God's Divine Light to keep evil spirits away from you


Testimonies: Afterlife

Overcoming the Sorrow of My Husband’s Death

My husband passed away at the age of 41 from throat cancer. I was dependent on him both emotionally and financially, so when he suddenly died, I was devastated. “Where is he? What am I going to do without him?” I couldn’t sleep and had trouble eating. I tried ending my life with sleeping pills, but woke up in a psychiatric hospital. There I discovered a book of Happy Science and began to study the teachings. The doctor recommended me to calm my mind by reciting The True Words Spoken by Buddha everyday. My heart felt lighter and I found myself thinking, “What’s past is past.” I feel positive now and I sometimes see my husband in my dreams. He said “everything is fine! There’s nothing to worry about!” I feel at ease knowing the reality of the spiritual world.

Love Lives on Forever

I would like to share the story of my son and how I awakened to faith. My beloved son, Yuki, passed away from childhood cancer. Yuki was four years old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. He was hospitalized immediately and began treatment. I had been crying when my husband handed me a book from Happy Science. The book was surprisingly touching to me and helped me persevere emotionally as I watched my son’s condition worsen. He kept mouthing the words “thank you” until his last breath. I have developed strong faith that my love and gratitude will reach him in the afterlife and that we will meet again in Heaven.

Death is Not the End

My beloved wife suddenly was diagnosed with cancer and it had already spread to all of her organs. We had been studying Happy Science for several years, so we were able to maintain a calm mind and not worry while the cancer spread. Without Master Okawa’s teachings on the afterlife, I would be totally lost. 30 days after her death, I heard a message saying, “lets work together again in our next life.” Death is not the end.

Teachings on the Afterlife

Humans come into this world alone, and leave this world alone. Humans are alone both at the time of birth and death. When we first come into this world, we dwell in a tiny body alone, and are born from our mother’s womb. We don’t own anything, and we don’t have any friends or acquaintances. Similarly, when we die, we are placed in a coffin alone, and are reduced to ashes or buried. No matter how close and intimate we are with someone, we are alone when we die and leave for the other world.

Usually, when people die, they watch the whole scene until their body gets burned or buried, all while floating in the air. They’ll feel odd as they see themselves be placed in a coffin and put on a hearse.

They’ll also feel odd as they observe their own funeral being held, with their picture placed, incense burning, the Bible being read, a priest giving a sermon, a choir singing hymns or a monk chanting a sutra. Even if they want to let people at the funeral know of their presence, their voice cannot be heard. Even if they want to send a final message, it won’t reach those people.

After all, our life on earth is a temporary abode, and it is like we are traveling to another country for a short period of time. However, many people gradually believe that this is their true life.

There are also cases in which people don’t realize they are dead. This is especially true in cases of unexpected accidents, where they die as though they suddenly lose consciousness.

People who studied the Truth during their lifetime and have some knowledge of the other world are able to understand their death quite smoothly when the spirits of the other world come to help and persuade them. On the contrary, people who claimed not to believe in the other world, God or Buddha experience hardships upon their death.

The Sutra Can Guide All Souls to Heaven
The most miraculous power of this sutra is that the teachings within it can save all souls who leave this world. The words therein contain an enormous amount of Buddha’s Energy, which nurtures the vast Universe. This light will shine onwards, illuminating the darkness of this world and even the world of Hell. All lost souls who stumble around this material world too, can be saved by the modern Buddha’s Infinite Mercy. This Buddha refers to Master Ryuho Okawa. He descended to the Earth and experienced the New Resurrection to save all the people in the world.

Welcome to the ‘Real World’
The ‘Real World’ is multi-dimensional. Human spirits exist from the 4th dimension to the 9th, with each having different qualities. There is a realm for the good, for leaders, angels, bodhisattvas, masters and even for saviors. To increase our soul’s evolution further, we need to experience life on earth again through the cycle of reincarnation.

Knowing the Truth Will Save You
Happy Science teaches the happiness that runs through this world and the next. By living in a way that you can be happy in both, your soul will develop in the most exquisite way. Also, the teachings of Happy Science regarding the afterlife are very clear and detailed. Knowing these teachings will allow you to transition into the next world relatively smoothly. As the sutra states, “this is the land of souls, rest in peace.” If your mind is not in peace, you cannot return to the Heavenly World. Therefore, we should all strive for the happiness of enlightenment and the state of nirvana.

Map of the Spirit World

9th Dimension – Cosmic World

This is the world of saviors where Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Moses are.

8th Dimension – World of Tathagata

The Souls that made a great change to society would return here(e.g. Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein)

7th Dimension – World of Bodhisattva

The souls that return here are those who lived to serve God, and worked for the salvation of human souls(e.g. Mother Theresa)

6th Dimension – World of Light

The souls here have their own field of specialty, and made great progress in their work.

5th Dimension – World of Goodness

The souls in this dimension lived with a good and harmonious heart.

4th Dimension – Posthumous World

Here is where we return after death; it is the entrance to the Spirit World, and a subsection of this dimension is where Hell is.

3rd Dimension – Earth

This world is where the souls of people who are living now are at.


Hell is where people who lived with ill-thoughts that would lead themselves, other people, or society to unhappiness go to. In this magnificent field of the Spirit World. Hell is just a small section situated in the lower depth of the 4th dimension.


Within Politics and Economics

My beloved disciples, There are lessons for you to learn in this age and place where you live now that you did not learn through your religious practice in your past lives;

You do not know how to interpret and comprehend the politics and economics of today. In the past, I did not teach you the way of politics. In the past, I did not teach you the way of economics.

I had taught you in the past to detach yourself from the world of politics and economics, and seek only to find serenity in your mind. I say to you again in this lifetime that even in this age, finding peace of mind, attuning your mind, and walking the path to enlightenment is, and will always be, the highest of all virtues.

My beloved disciples, O, how confused and perplexed you must be from being tossed about in the politics and economics of today. I cannot withhold my tears when I see you struggle like this. However, my beloved disciples, you must not fall into confusion. Everything that happens and comes into existence in this world are manifestations of the true mind of Buddha in many different forms.

Therefore, do not unnecessarily flee from politics. Do not unnecessarily flee form economics.

Your spiritual training in this lifetime is to show people how they can live their lives in this current world of politics and economics, with a pure, right, and peaceful mind. It is to show how people can live in accordance with the mind of Buddha (God).

Yes, the times have changed. Yet, the Eternal Laws never will. In order to spread the Eternal Laws to all people in the world, you must not reject all worldly things. Strive to unearth all the good that lies dormant in this world, and eliminate all the evil that arises in this world. In this, you must find the path of a true religious practitioner.

Spiritual Connection between Abraham Lincoln and Shakyamuni Buddha

In Happy Science, Master Ryuho Okawa sometimes reveals to us shocking spiritual connections through his spiritual readings. One of which is the past life of Abraham Lincoln. Recently it was revealed that his soul is a *branch soul of Shakyamuni Buddha, from India. This may take us by surprise, but there are resemblances in what they aimed

for: Buddha taught that a person’s worth is not judged by their birth in the caste system, but by the efforts they make towards enlightenment. Lincoln accomplished his mission of abolishing slavery which was an unfair system in regards of people’s destinies being in control by their birth, and gave equality.

Savior’s Message to America

Don’t Forget the “American Mind”
What I mean by the “American Mind” is the mindset that believes in God and believes in justice. The American Mind is the mind that acts in the name of justice to create a better world. That is the mission of America. That is your mission, America, I dare say. Don’t lose sight of the American mind. Because these American values were the very starting point of the American nation. (Ryuho Okawa)

Spiritual Interview with George Washington

In this Spiritual Interview, the spirit of George Washington declared he has been reincarnated into the personage of Donald Trump and wants to use his gifts to remake and rebuild America, and make America great again.

“The United States is the new Utopia of the world that was founded in the past 200 years. I had a special mission from God. God told me ‘You are the new Adam, the new Moses.

This was my mission.” (Spirit of George Washington)

Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Donald Trump
“Trump shall never die.
Trump’s resurrection.
As a phoenix, as Christ,
I shall resurrect again.
I will resurrect for sure.
That day will come.
Because that is what I believe.”

(Guardian Spirit of Trump)

*Spiritual Interview recorded on February 25th, 2021

Testimonies: Political Salvation

Canada-Hong Kong Link, President

I am enlightened by Master Okawa’s concern for people around the world in their struggle against totalitarianism. This is particularly important for people like myself, who is originally from Hong Kong. The Hong Kong people are now at the very forefront, fighting for values such as human rights, freedom, rule of law, and democracy. This is not just about Hong Kong, it’s also about Canada. It’s also a global issue. I also concur with Master Okawa that all of us need to support the people of Hong Kong.

Victory of Light Media, YouTuber

“Revolutionized my perspective on politics”

Happy Science taught me that great spirits with virtue are sometimes born to revolutionize politics for the better. Before I thought politics was filled with crooks, liars, and cheaters. But my perspective changed. I learned that God was managing the world by placing certain souls in certain countries with a great intention. That intention is for souls with a certain capacity, through their unique decision-making, to make this world closer to Utopia.

Little by little, we progress down the path towards Utopia. There are many rises and falls within each age. No two leaders are the same. But within the many changes in era, a grand spectacle is taking place. Seeing past all of the drama and strife, I found a profound sense of mission in life, and my happiness definitely increased.

Uyghur Canadian Society, Former President

Master Ryuho Okawa knows that more than 3 million Uyghur people in East Turkestan are suffering in the Chinese concentration camp. East Turkestan is China’s colonized country, Chinese empire colonized that region in 1949. The people are living in open prison. This is not only against the people of China; it is also against the God because people are forced in concentration camp not to believe in Islam. They are forced to only praise Xi Jinping and only believe in Chinese communist party.

They force the people to transform their identity into Han Chinese. This is against God’s creation. God created diversity of people, but China right now declared war against God, not only people. I thank Happy Science for doing what you’re doing.

Realizing Happiness

Both Religion and Politics Exist to Promote People’s Happiness

It is true that religions mainly serve in the spiritual field of leading souls to salvation and offering spiritual guidance. But there are two sides to happiness. One side is the happiness that we gain in finding salvation for our souls, finding solace, and attaining peace of mind. The other side is the happiness that is found in receiving help with the difficulties and hardships that we grapple with in our everyday lives in this world. Both religion and government have roles to play in providing this latter form of happiness.

If the government becomes too weak, then religion needs to stand up. Still, there are limitations to what a religion can accomplish. Religions cannot pass new laws or create and implement new policies. Unfortunately, religion cannot fully reach out to people who need real help getting through their daily lives.

Religion has traditionally served three major purposes: saving people from poverty and disease and ending conflicts. But political power is also necessary in tackling these issues. Part of the purpose of politicians, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and lawmakers is to decrease poverty, help the sick, and end conflicts.

Therefore, religion and politics cannot be completely separated from each other. Each approaches these issues from a different angle, but they share the common goal of making people happier. They should unite, not polarize, their strength and cooperate to create a better nation and a better world.

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This sutra was written as Buddhist-like sutra,

but you can read the name of Buddha translated to God.

This Buddha means God.

So, this is not the sutra for Buddhists only.

This is the teachings for all people, for all the religious people, to all the people who are waiting for a new religion to save them.