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Happy Science Eye -What is Spiritual Message?

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What is a “Spiritual Message”?

A new video, “What is Spiritual Message?”, has been posted on our YouTube channel, “Happy Science Eye.”

What is a “Spiritual Message”?
1. The spirit world does exist.
2. Difference between the spiritual abilities of Master Okawa and ordinary mediums.
3. The truth of reincarnation.
4. Death is not the end of our life.
5. Obtain true happiness by learning the spiritual truth.

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Topics: Truths about Happy Science disinformed by VICE
1. Happy Science is not an “Ultra-right” cult which seeks “Japan’s military expansion”.
2. There is no a “Pyramid Scheme” in Happy Science.
3. The truth about Kyoko and Hiroshi Okawa.
4. The Spiritual messages of Happy Science are all real.

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Anyone can watch Master Okawa’s lecture, spiritual message or reading at a Happy Science location or temple. Contact us here so that we can help you locate your nearest temple or arrange an online viewing. (Suggested donation $20)