My dead daughter came back to life!

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Peri-Peri is a small village a six-hour drive away from the capital of Uganda, Kampala. Here lives Ofwond Erosania, who experienced a miracle. His two year old daughter died of a high fever, but after 45 minutes, came back to life again. It is a reminder that we all have the power within us to cure illness and to make miracles happen.

Ofwond Erosania | Republic of Uganda
Ofwond Erosania | Republic of Uganda

“Come back!” Ofwond was crying out, when he heard the voice, “Pray for her.”

Akware Prossy, the nurse who witnessed this miracle
The True Words Spoken By Buddha
The True Words Spoken By Buddha
In June 2013, Ofwond’s two-year-old daughter, Twency Robina Erosania passed away from a high fever. The nurse, Akware Prossy recalls, “I checked to see if her heart was beating, but it wasn’t. She passed away and had no pulse. Certainly, she was dead.” Ofwond cried out, “God, why have you taken my daughter away from me! She cannot die! Please bring her back!” This was when a miracle happened. Ofwond recalls, “As if someone was speaking to me, I heard a voice that said, ‘Pray for your daughter. The sutra, Shoshinhogo (English version: The True Words Spoken by Buddha) has great power.’ So I did what the voice told me and prayed over and over again. Then, after about 45 minutes, my daughter opened her eyes and began to cry!”
Ofwond prayer

“Nothing is impossible if you believe.”

Not only the nurse, but also many people in the village witnessed this astonishing moment. They gave their prayers of thanks to Lord El Cantare for making the miracle happen. Seven years later, Twency is a joyful nine-year-old who’s dream is to be a school teacher. Her mother, Abo Jenifer Erosania, says, “I remember feeling light shining in from heaven. I felt so blessed when I knelt down and gave my thanks to our Lord.” How did Ofwond’s life change after the miracle? When asked this question, Ofwond strongly and firmly answered, “Nothing is impossible if you believe.” This incredible story reminds us that believing is not something we do just for comfort. Believing truly connects us with a love that cannot be seen and makes us stronger.

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