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Update: Surviving the Recession & Achieving Success

Happy Science Update


In this lecture, Master Okawa gave us some important guidelines for the future of the Coronavirus recession and what we need to do to survive.

In this lecture, Master Okawa presented various points regarding guidelines for each disciple to fulfill our mission and improve our work ability to perpetuate Happy Science in the midst of a severe business environment including in the religious world.


Did you order it? | “R. A. Goal’s Words for the Future” is available now

Believe it or not, we are being watched by beings from outer space. Some of them try to attack us while others are protecting and guiding us, and R. A. Goal is one of the latter.

New Episode of Okawa Book Club

Trump Shall Never Die

Discussion on one of the latest Spiritual Interview Series by Ryuho Okawa, Trump Shall Never Die: His Determination to Come Back.


Playlist | HSNY 100 FAQ’s

Have you seen our latest uploads to Happy Science New York? We have a growing list of FAQ’s for you to share. It should help clear up any questions you or others may have about Happy Science. There will be many more videos to come!


Playlist | Freedom, Democracy, & Faith

Another new playlist from Happy Science shares lecture excerpts from Master Okawa about freedom, democracy, and faith. Those principles are needed to clear away the totalitarian and communist regimes which suppress faith and religion. These are the words of the Savior who has come to save the people, not only in Heaven, but also in this world.