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Annual Lecture Event

You don’t want to miss the year end message to the world!

By Master Ryuho Okawa

Sunday December 19th!

The 2022 Law Series

The Laws of Messiah

“What is Messiah?”

This book carries an important message of love and guidance to people living now from the Modern-Day Messiah or the Modern-Day Savior.

The Laws of Messiah

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“A Lecture on ‘The Laws Of Messiah’”


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Objection to the New York Times Article by Happy Science Details.

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Invitation hapiness 1

Get answers to life’s deepest questions such as the meaning of life of life, life after death, and what is the Creator?

Laws of the Sun

The Laws of the Sun

One Source, One Planet, One People

with savior lecture
Ten Principles of El Cantare
Ten Principles of El Cantare

Ryuho Okawa's First Lectures on His Basic Teachings

ROGIN- Buddha's Mystical Power
ROJIN, Buddha's Mystical Power

The Ultimate Attainment in Today's World

The Laws of Messiah
The Laws of Messiah

Lord God speaks to you

Metatron_Light in the age of crisis
Spiritual Messages from Metatron

Light in the Times of Crisis

How to Become a Creative Person
How To Become A Creative Person

How can we become creative when we feel we are not naturally creative?