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New music: With Savior


New soul-lifting music with ‘sacred energy‘  to fill you with hope in this time of darkness. Listen to it continuously as a prayer or hymn to elevate your vibration!

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VICE, a Public Nuisance

Happy Science’s Dismissals of Its Groundless Claims. Read article.

Sontoku Ninomiya’s Management Survival Methods

How to overcome the coronavirus recession Details.

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English and Chinese version out now! Download now!

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Happy Science Music Meditation

Thursday’s – Music meditation to blast away negativity. More info.

Hope, Harmony and Healing

Friday’s – Join this weeks relaxing meditation. More info.

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Master savior

Watch the latest and vital messages for the world by World Teach Master Ryuho Okawa. See our list of latest lectures!


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Get answers to life’s deepest questions such as the meaning of life of life, life after death, and what is the Creator?

Laws of the Sun

The Laws of the Sun

One Source, One Planet, One People

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John Lennon's message
John Lennon’s Message from Heaven

On the Spirit of Love and Peace, Music, and the Incredible Secret of His Soul

Spiritual Reading of Novel Coronavirus Infection Originated in China

Closing in on the real cause of the global outbreak

message from space being YAIDRON
With Savior

Messages from Space Being Yaidron

The Power of Basics - Ryuho Okawa Book
The Power of Basics

Introduction to Modern Zen Life of Calm, Spirituality and Success

How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession
How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession

How the government, mass media and the people should be to survive as a whole nation?