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El Cantare Celebration of the Lord's Descent Lecture - Now Here Elohim Is Thinking About

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Spiritual Messages from Yaidron ‘How to Stop the Collapse of the World


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Objection to the New York Times Article by Happy Science Details.

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Get answers to life’s deepest questions such as the meaning of life of life, life after death, and what is the Creator?


A modern tale of Painted Skin

Laws of the Sun

The Laws of the Sun

One Source, One Planet, One People

with savior lecture
The Laws of Secret
The Laws of Secret

Awaken to This New World and Change Your Life

How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession
How to Survive the Coronavirus Recession

How the government, mass media and the people should be to survive as a whole nation?

John Lennon's message
John Lennon’s Message from Heaven

On the Spirit of Love and Peace, Music, and the Incredible Secret of His Soul

Trump Shall Never Die
Trump Shall Never Die

His Determination to Come Back

The True Eightfold Path
The True Eightfold Path

Guideposts for Self-innovation