Eightfold Path

Start Your Transformation

Right View

The right way to look at things

Tight Thought

The right way to think

Right Speech

The right words to speak

Right Action

The right actions to take

Right Living

The right lifestyle habits

Right effort

The right efforts to progress towards Buddha

Right Will

The right way to look at things

Right meditation

The right meditation

"Practicing the Eightfold Path and exploring love - this is the desirable form of spiritual discipline for modern people, and should be a gospel for them as well."

The Laws of the Sun, p. 45

Buddhist book of self-innovation. This book provides complete modern-day methods for attaining enlightenment. It presents the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha’s eightfold path in a contemporary manner.
A guidebook to practice the Noble Eightfold Path while engaging in work and family life in this modern age.