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Worldwide Bestseller

The Laws of the Sun has sold millions of copies worldwide
It is Japan’s bestselling book and has been translated in 42 languages

From the Author

“Jesus Christ’s teachings of love and Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings of enlightenment come from the same source. Therefore, there is no room for their teachings to contradict each other. Yet, the two are unable to mix. Buddhism today has come to see only through the differentiating eye; the eye that sees the differences in people’s enlightenment and how their divine nature manifests. Christians only see through the equality eye, focusing on the equal value that all lives have.
This is why I have clarified the relationship between the stages of love and the Eightfold Path in The Laws of the Sun.
It is when these two contradicting eyes – the differentiating eye and the equality eye – combine within you, they become like the eyes of God. The effort to integrate these contradicting eyes leads us up the stairs of enlightenment. This is also the reason this earthly world is not self-completing and is connected to the other world.
Very soon, far more than 40 million avid readers of my books will make this book the common sense of the world. I hope it will be so.”
– Ryuho Okawa
Master and CEO
Happy Science Group

In this book

– What is the Creator? What is love and what is enlightenment? Why and how did the Creator create this world?

– What is the law of cause and effect that produces the differences between angels, humans, and devils? What makes us also equal?

– The past civilizations you have reincarnated through

– Why are you here? What is true happiness and the meaning of life?

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is internationally recognized best-selling author, revered World Teacher, and the founder and CEO of Happy Science Group. He was born on July 7th, 1956, in Tokushima, Japan and attained Great Enlightenment in 1981. Since founding Happy Science in 1986, he has been dedicated to bringing happiness to all by revealing the universal Truth which integrates spirituality and pragmatism, religion and science as all of them originally came from one source, one Truth. Happy Science is now in over 169 countries and continues to grow as a global movement.

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