What Xi Jinping Is Thinking Now?

What Xi Jinping Is Thinking Now

“What Xi Jinping Is Thinking Now?”

A real “Star Wars” is happening right now on Earth. Realize God’s Justice With Savior!

In this spiritual message, the idea of a dark cosmic entity that has been working behind the Earth’s history was revealed, as well as Xi Jinping, who has become one with the evil cosmic being, is moving forward with plans to invade the world in a number of areas.

◆What is the terrible conspiracy behind the “Chinese vaccine”?

◆What is he planning to do with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

◆A space war that continues to the earth from Andromeda and the Magellanic Clouds.

◆What are the realities of abduction and human modification by aliens?

◆”A plan to rule the Earth” by Xi Jinping, who has become one with the evil cosmic being.

◆We can understand how faith, love, compassion, self-reflection, and justice are important!

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