”The Love of Messiah”

Feel the “love of Messiah” from your soul and pledge to thoroughly practice the “spirit of love”!


We are given the precious opportunity to watch the lecture ‘The Love of Messiah’ in the last chapter of “The Laws Of Messiah,” Let us give our deepest gratitude to Lord El Cantare for His great mercy. For further understanding of this lecture, one day seminar will be available to take from the end of April. (English seminar will be available from around mid May. Please contact your nearest Happy Science branch, temple, shoja)


In the seminar, there are three koans to contemplate. Feel the love of the Messiah deep into your soul and let us make our determination to spread Lord’s Teachings far and wide.

This lecture and the upcoming seminar is recommended to all members, those who have read “The Laws Of Messiah,” or watched the movie, “The Cherry Bushido,” the supporters of the Happiness Realization Party, religious people, and etc.

Moreover, the kyouten “The Laws Of Messiah,” the “Lecture on The Developmental Stages of Love-The Original Theory,” the kyouten “The Ten Principles from El Cantare Volume 1 and 2,” the song “A song celebrating Lord God,” and the song “With Savior” are also recommended.

◆Why does the system of reincarnation exist?
――What are the things that we need to learn from it?

◆What to choose when you are standing on the crossroads of life.
――About trials of the soul and supremacy of faith.

◆You will never know “what it means to love people” if you are not taught.

◆Why is it important to “love your Lord God” and “love your neighbors”?

◆Grasp the love of the Messiah through hearing His direct words through the screen.

・I felt that the love of the Messiah would flow into your soul through watching the lecture. I want to try my best to practice the spirit of love thoroughly. (30s Female)

Anyone can watch Master Okawa’s lecture, spiritual message or reading at a Happy Science location or temple. Contact us here so that we can help you locate your nearest temple or arrange an online viewing. (Suggested donation $20)