The Interpretation of Dreams – Reading by Edgar Cayce

The Interpretation of Dreams – Reading by Edgar Cayce

Star wars is already happening on earth!

Master Okawa conducted his dream reading by inviting Edgar Cayce’s spirit to interpret his recent dreams. Edgar Cayce revealed the sight of space research in the near future, and the danger of space war as well on a large scale. Those who are interested in life in the universe, or the universe itself, or those who feel threatened by the China’s hegemony are recommended to watch this!


  • What was the huge mysterious living being in the univese that appeared in Master Okawa’s dream?
  • The present age is a prelude to a space war!? The movie, “The Laws of the Universe-The Age of Elohim- is not just an entertainment film.
  • Find out the universal level of conspiracy behind problems of global warming and nuclear weapon reduction.
  • What is the reason for Ame-no-Mioya-Gami appearing again at this time of age?
  • Why are the teachings of “religion” been preached on Earth ? Understand the importance of religion from the universal perspective!

I felt storng sense of crisis that the earth invasion from aliens is near. That’s the reason why we need true religion now. (Female/20’s)

Anyone can watch Master Okawa’s lecture, spiritual message or reading at a Happy Science location or temple. Contact us here so that we can help you locate your nearest temple or arrange an online viewing. (Suggested donation $20)