The Guardian Spirit of Biden Speaks on His Agony After Becoming the President

About five months after President Biden taking office – what are the current thoughts of President Biden’s guardian spirit and what does he hope for Japan?

In this spiritual message, while President Biden’s guardian spirit present his efforts to take responsibility for the world after becoming U.S. president, we can understand he is baffled by the state of Japanese politics and has high hopes for the discourse of Happy Science.


◆What does he think of President Putin? What is the future of Russia and the U.S.?

◆What is Biden’s brain, the man who led the G7?

◆Views on Uighur, Hong Kong, Corona, WHO, Iran, etc.

◆What does he think about the Digital Agency and the Olympics?

◆Why did the guardian spirit of President Biden come to Master Ryuho Okawa?

◆”I Cannot understand why Japan can’t amend the Constitution!”

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