The Factors of My Success

The Factors of My Success

What are the work skills needed to survive in these challenging times?

In this lecture, Master Okawa presented various points regarding guidelines for each disciple to fulfill our mission and improve our work ability to perpetuate Happy Science in the midst of a severe business environment including in the religious world.

◆What is the importance of “reading people’s feelings,” which is necessary in both business and religion?

◆The closing of a restaurant with a long queue shows the truth of “the prosperous must decline.”

◆What are some of the headwinds that are expected in the corporate and religious world in the future?

◆If Master were a branch manager or head minister of shoja/shoshinkan, how will He manage them?

◆How to “think and act on our own” without receiving instructions.

◆What power should we improve to elevate the sales force and power to push forward missionary activities?

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