“Spiritual Reading of Omicron Variant Infection -spiritual messages from the Guardian Spirit of Meng Wanzhou / spiritual messages from Yaidron-”

Huawei CFO Meng Wazhou’s Guardian Spirit talks on the secret behind the Omicron variant!?

【Meng Wazhou〔February 13, 1972~ Female? 50’s〕】

Daughter of Hauwei CEO. She is the deputy chair and chief financial officer of Huawei.Born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. In December 2019, she was arrested at Vancouver International Airport??by Canadian investigative authorities commissioned?by the United States for “violating US sanctions against Iran”.Meng was later released on bail and was essentially under house arrest for about three years, but in September 2021, under a plea bargain with the U.S. Department of Justice, she left Canada and returned to China to resume her current position.


From the G.S of Meng Wazhou, it has been revealed that the connection between Omicron variant and?Huawei-related facilities. Yaidron later revealed the danger that awaits humanity.

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[Spiritual message from G.S. Meng Wazhou]
◆There was a strong relation between the appearance of Omicron variant and Meng’s return to China?

◆What is the reason behind Huawei’s making money and corona going viral?

◆What is Meng’s ultimate goal? -What China fears the most.

[Spiritual Message from Yaidron]
◆What are the social consequences of promoting “vaccination”?

◆”Faith immunity” actually works! What should you think if you have corona?



I think this is a big surprising scoop? that Lord El Cantare has revealed to us. What we must do is to deepen pure faith and spread the Teachings to all over the world.(30s Female)


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