“Spiritual Messages from R. A. Goal: The Reasons for the Drastic Decline in Coronavirus Infections and the Actual Situation in China”

R. A. Goal, who proposed the publication of “The Laws Of Messiah” gave a lecture on the domestic and international situation behind the publication of “The Law Of Messiah.”

Who is R. A. Goal?

A space being from Planet Andalucia Beta in Ursa Minor. One of the commanders of the space defense force. A certified messiah. He has an aspect as a religious leader and has the power to create a superior civilization on a planetary level. Currently, he is responsible to protect El Cantare. He has an aspect of Buddha’ s space soul.

【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only Happy Science members but also those who are interested in politics, economy and international affairs, those who want to know the reason for the drastic decline in Coronavirus Infections in Japan, those who are interested in the result of the Japanese general election and Prime Minister Kishida etc.

◆What is the “true cause” of the drastic decrease in Coronavirus Infections in Japan?

◆The reason why R. A. Goal suggested that we should publish “The Laws Of Messiah”.

◆The background of the German aircraft carrier’s first port visit to Japan in 20 years.

◆What was the surprising “change of mind” that occurred in the Prime Minister Kishida?

◆The problem with Greta-ism and the media that supports it!

◆What will be the future for China and its Economic Bubble?


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