Spiritual Messages from Prince Shotoku

Spiritual Messages from Prince Shotoku

This Spiritual Message Marks the Commemoration of Over 3300 Lectures!

The “spiritual background” of Prince Shotoku and Empress Suiko’s nation-building, taking root in Buddhism and adopting the Greek spirit of prosperity and democracy in Japan, were revealed. The mission that Japan must fulfill in the future was also discussed.

Shotoku Taishi or Prince Shotoku (574-622)
He was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan who served under Empress Suiko. He was the son of Emperor Yōmei. He established a system of twelve grades for courtiers and seventeen-article constitution.

He had a deep faith in Buddhism and established Horyu-ji Temple and Shitenno-ji Temple.

It is said that one of his soul brothers is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America.

Why did Prince Shotoku make Buddhism the pillar of the nation?
What are the spiritual secrets of Prince Shotoku?

【Specifically Recommended to…】
Not only Happy Science members but also supporters of the Happiness Realization Party, those who are interested in history, etc.


◆What is the relationship between Prince Shotoku, Shakyamuni Buddha, and Ame-no-Mioya-Gami?

◆Why was he born in the Asuka Period of Japan and why did he flourish Buddhism?

◆The “mission” that Japan should fulfill and message to Happy Science!

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