“Prospect of the Coronavirus War in 2022 -spiritual messages from the guardian spirit of Biden and the guardian spirit of Xi Jinping-“

Why is the omicron variant going viral in North America? What is the cause behind it?

The guardian spirit of President Biden, though the citizens are mostly vaccinated, the corona infections are not stopping, and are troubled. So, he came to ask Master Okawa for help and advice. From the guardian spirit of Xi Jinping, he revealed his plan for 2022 and onwards.

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Not only Happy Science members but also those who have interest in International politics, the whereabouts of the corona pandemic, supporters of the Happiness Realization Party and etc.

Spiritual message from G.S of Biden
◆Confessed his shock on marking “the highest infected people” a day ever.

◆It’s a wonder that the more “economical sanctions” and “making opinions about the human rights problem” to China, the more coronavirus goes viral.

◆Admitted his own fraud about the previous presidential election in the U.S !?

Spiritual message from G.S of Xi Jinping
◆What kind of ways are used to spread the coronavirus?

◆What are his strategies from 2022 onwards? What will happen next after the omicron variant?



The problems about Corona are what China had planned as a war so President Biden, as well as the Japanese politicians should be aware of this more carefully. (50’s Male)

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