Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.

Celebration of Lord’s Descent

The celebration of Lord’s descent lecture, “Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.” was held on July 11, 2021 at Happy Science Main Temple, Sohonzan Shoshinkan.

◆ About ‘God Elohim’ in the latest movie “The Laws of the Universe-The Age of Elohim” coming this October.

◆ What the age had been like back 150 million years ago when God Elohim had descended.

◆ About the origin of hell on earth and the devils.

◆ Warning against the mass media whose standards of value judgements are based on worldly academic study and science.

◆ How those who have spread the thoughts to deny God will fall to hell and be isolated in Abysmal Hell.

◆ About the U.S. and China’s move and issues on political economy in the 21st century.

◆ Why citizens must resist against becoming totalitarian in these times of the corona pandemic or governments who restrain the citizen’s rights.

◆ How to think about progression of AI (artificial intelligence) in the coming age of surveillance capitalism.

◆ What is the meaning behind human beings coming down to this world from the spiritual world?

◆ Have faith. Accept diversity. Make effort to spread the values of the God of the Earth.

Anyone can watch Master Okawa’s lecture, spiritual message or reading at a Happy Science location or temple. Contact us here so that we can help you locate your nearest temple or arrange an online viewing. (Suggested donation $20)