“Let’s Not Become Tengu-chan (Long-Nosed Goblin)”

“Why do people dislike Tengu-chan?”

In this lecture, Master taught us in easy explanation of why people keep distance from “Tengu (Long-Nosed Goblin)” type people. Master also mentions about the characteristics of the Tengu in the spiritual world. They study and do exercize well, and make effots to become beautiful but there are things they should keep in mind when they start to feel that they want full attention to be “praised” by people. In this world, many things will not go the way you want it to be. So you need to be able to persevere, make efforts, have faith and have the mind to help others. This lecture has important wisdom that grown-ups should also learn and practice.



◆Why does Tengu-chan live alone in the deep mountains?

◆Why is Tengu-chan’s nose so high

◆What kind of items does Tengu-chan have? – Those items hide the abilities and flaws of the Tengu!

◆What is the difference between Tengu and angel?

◆Let’s work together to create a happy world!


【Specifically Recommended to…】

Not only the members of Happy Science but also kids and parents, and those who are related to education, and so on.

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