Why did Master Okawa write A Novel: The Unknown Stigma 2 [The Resurrection] ?
What we must learn from the novel.

We have received “A Talk Commemorating the Publication of A Novel: The Unknown Stigma 2 [The Resurrection]”. Let us give our sincere gratitude to Lord El Cantare for his great mercy.

In commemoration of the publication of “A Novel The Unknown Stigma 2 [The Resurrection],” Master Ryuho Okawa and Shio Okawa (Aide to Master) recorded a talk session. In the talk session it reveals the heart of Lord God. This commemoration talk will deepen your understanding of the true meaning of the story. It’s recommended to those who like literature, those who are religious, supporters of the Happiness Realization Party and etc.

Furthermore, the Kyouten, “The Laws Of Messiah,” and other novels written by Master Ryuho Okawa, “Nostradamus Speaks on the Path to the 22nd Century” are recommended.

*The Novel, “The Unknown Stigma” & “The Unknown Stigma 2 [The Resurrection] is scheduled to be released in other languages.”

◆The depiction of the spiritual world that only Master Okawa can write.

◆Currently, the criteria to judge right from wrong is based on the values of Judaism and Chritianity?

◆”What is a saint?”-Woman’s real beauty that can be seen from the main character who devotes her life to mission.

◆How do you see the current international affairs?


It gave me a deeper understanding of novels and made me feel that I must change my own sense of values!(40s, Male)

After listening to this, I feel that this is a novel that I want more and more people to read, and at the same time, I have renewed my commitment to missionary work.(40s, Female)