“A Lecture on ‘The Laws Of Messiah’”

Master Ryuho Okawa held His first public lecture for this year 2022, “A Lecture on ‘The Laws Of Messiah’” on January 9, at Tokyo Shoshinkan as the main venue.

◆ Master Okawa’s first message for this year. (At Tokyo Shoshinkan)

◆ The reason why the pandemic is widely spread in countries that are clearly showing their stance against China.

◆ The stance of Japan now and what is required.

◆ About the Being who have sent many messiahs on Earth.

◆ The problems of progress in scientific technologies under atheism.

◆ President Biden states ‘struggle between democracy and autocracy’ but is that really correct?

◆ Become aware of the “Surveillance Capitalism” in the age of Internet society.

◆ About the meaning of reincarnation and the life discipline of men and women.

◆ Message from the Messiah to end the world conflicts between religions.

◆ Taiwan became independent from Japan. Not from China.

◆ Protect Taiwan and Hong Kong. Let the ethnicities that are unjustly suppressed be independent.

◆ What you can see about the relationship between China and North Korea from the continuous “supersonic missile experience”.

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