A Lecture on ‘My Philosophy of Life’

A Lecture on - My Philosophy of Life

A Lecture on ‘My Philosophy of Life’

What is the true meaning of “starting from the ordinary”?

In this lecture, Master taught us the meaning of “ordinary” as a theory of life that He has been practicing, and also gave us important guidelines on synergy as an organization.


◆What is the meaning of the picture of the “vertical cliff” on the cover of the old edition of “Starting from the Ordinary”?

◆How should we deal with jealousy and inferiority complexes?

◆What were the words that changed Master in His youth? – An important mindset for “when you succeed” and “when you fail.”

◆What are the benefits of reading books and working mechanically in order to continuously succeed?

◆What is the relationship between “starting from the ordinary” and “enlightenment”?

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