2020 El Cantare Celebration Lecture, “With Savior”


On December 8th (Tue) Saitama Super Arena (Saitama Pref., Japan) as the main venue, Master Ryuho Okawa Lord El Cantare held this year’s El Cantare Celebration Lecture, “With Savior”.

Due to the restrictions in number followed by the venue, 11,000 people gathered in total and the lecture was broadcasted to 3,500 locations worldwide.

Introducing the latest Happy Science Group In the main venue, many booths were set up to introduce various activities of Happy Science Group, which was also broadcasted live to overseas. Master Okawa has published over 2,750 titles and since 1991, His Law series has been the best-selling book for 30 consecutive years. The latest Laws series, “The Laws of Secret” was widely promoted. (English Version Released 2021 Overseas)

Anyone can watch Master Okawa’s lecture, spiritual message or reading at a Happy Science location or temple. Contact us here so that we can help you locate your nearest temple or arrange an online viewing. (Suggested donation $20)