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“I felt, “Wow, this is it. This makes sense.”
Durban, South Africa

I guess my feeling was that I had lots of unanswered questions in my mind. I’ve been brought up mostly in a Christian country and I really liked the teaching of love from Jesus Christ but there were some things about Christianity that just didn’t add up or didn’t seem to be the complete picture of truth. So, I still had unanswered questions and I was seeking for answers. That’s why I was reading a book on Buddhism at the time that I encountered “The Laws of the Sun.” My feeling at the time was like, “Wow, this is it. This makes sense. It doesn’t conflict with Christianity and this is the other missing pieces and this is where we came from and this is why we are born on this Earth and this is how we are supposed to live. Wow. Yeah.” That was my feeling. “I want more.”

Master Okawa’s enlightenment is getting higher and higher and we are receiving new teachings we never knew before. We can’t compare them to something we learned before. It’s something revealed for first time to human kind.

I truly feel that I haven’t completely grasped how great this really is or this being El Cantare, I don’t know if I have completely understood exactly how great this existence is.

I feel there is lack something lacking so I try to do something to deepen my faith or strengthen my faith. So that’s maybe a long process. That keeps me interested and keeps me going. I think my life would be boring without Happy Science.

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“In my opinion, this is the only place where you can learn the truths about everything and anything about your existence.”
Riobamba, Ecuador

I would say that Happy Science is, in my opinion, the only place where you can learn the truths about everything, about anything, about your existence. This is the place where you can really learn what’s out there, like what is the greater purpose of life, how God created us, when is He happy when we are evolving, just learning why so many genius people or so many enlightened people were born in this world. It gives you a clear understanding that God never, never left us alone, that He’s always with us. He’s always wanting us to evolve and that’s why he sent all those people. I found that only here I can have a clear idea of how that works.

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“I felt a deeper sense of inner illumination that brought greater clarity to me in my life.”
New York, New York

It also confirmed a lot of my own experiences of just seeing, you know, spirits and things of that nature. But Happy Science brought about a very thorough picture of how the reincarnation process works, and I’m not sure there is really a more thorough explanation then what Happy Science has. (Q: Do you see spirits?) Yeah. (Q: Even now?) Mm-hm. Since I was a little kid. They all talk to you. When you’re a child everybody I think sees them. Or most people do. Usually, it goes away after a while. But for me for some reason it didn’t really go away. I started to differentiate, at some point, which ones were benevolent, which ones were malevolent. Then at some point I started gaining an interest in exorcism as well, which was another thing that attracted me to Happy Science. There’s a lot about exorcism. But I approached it in a Buddhist way, rather than a Christian way, where the Christian view of exorcism is more like, to just expel the spirit. Whereas I think the Buddhist orientation towards exorcism is more to lead it to enlightenment ultimately or lead it to a higher place.

I’ve had many experiences where I’ll be going about my business and I’ll suddenly feel something that is out of the ordinary. I think a lot of the time, that happens to everybody. Most of the time, people will just probably go along with that new way of thinking. But if you’re able to stop and be like, “where is that coming from?”, then that’s usually where I’d be able to isolate the source of it and remove it, and reattune myself back to a normal state.

I felt pretty soon after I became a member. I felt just a deeper sense of inner illumination. That brought a lot of clarity to me in my life. I know there’s certain negative, or malevolence influences that have sort of dissipated. There’s a sense of the Sangha or the spiritual community that I feel always connected to.

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“I was suffering in love. I could really feel this incredible feeling of love pouring from my heart.”
Auckland, New Zealand

I was suffering in love. It was someone I was in love with and they weren’t loving me back. At the same time, in reading “The Laws of the Sun,” Master said, the essence of love is giving. If you’re suffering, it’s because you’re taking love. I couldn’t see how what he was saying was relevant to me because I love this person. I remember this moment when I was trying to find the seed of my suffering since the essence of love is giving and suffering comes from taking love. I thought I was just giving love but then I heard in my mind the words I was saying about this person. I said, “I just want us to be together.” I thought, “I want us to be together.” “I want.” Even if I want you to be happy, that’s still wanting. I’m wanting something, you know? So, in this moment, I had a bit of a rebellious moment. I guess I was sick of suffering too. I thought, “That’s it, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what she thinks. I’m just going to love her anyway.” And in that moment, I had this experience whereby I felt this incredible weight lift off my shoulders. I felt so light. I just felt like I was suddenly hovering. I could really feel this incredible feeling of love pouring from my heart to this person and I thought, I realized, “I don’t need her to be in my life. It doesn’t matter where she is, what she’s doing, or who’s she with. I just love her.” The feeling of loving her was so joyous. It was actually the feeling of love. The feeling of love for another person is what makes us feel so happy. This was the turning point in my life because I realized I’ll never suffer again.

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“The strength of who I’ve become through these teachings is incredible.”
Los Angeles, California

Self-Reflection is difficult. It’s always so hard for us to look at ourselves. We are always so good at looking at others. Self-Reflection requires discipline. It requires us to sit, really sit, in a quiet space with ourselves but you have to earnestly want it. If you’re not sincere or you’re just “I read love, wisdom, self-reflection, progress, oh yeah.” No. It’s not going to happen. It’s so hard. You can talk all you want about things but until you feel, experience, and put into practice the wisdom of these books, no. It’s a feeling. It’s not words. It’s a feeling. It’s a joy. It’s a way in which you show up in the world. How you speak to others. I see people now, but I can see them. I see a soul. I hear them differently and I can hear in their words where they need help. It’s magic. It’s the way we are. We start to realize who you are as a human being, the love and the joy and the happiness that comes with it. Even though somebody else is behaving in a certain way, it doesn’t take me out of my space. I wasn’t like this all the time. Who I’ve become, the strength of who I’ve become through these teachings is just, incredible. It’s incredible.

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“Happy Science changed my perspective on wealth.”
New York, New York

I think it even stemmed from my past life as well. As Master Okawa teaches us that we all have past lives, multiple of them, before we are born into this one. Actually practicing Happy Science here constantly, and reflecting, I found that guilt that comes from a Christian past life. I think it’s a guilt that you let Jesus get crucified. That’s what it felt like. “Oh, you let Jesus get crucified. How could you.” We also understand in Happy Science that Jesus is in Heaven. He is in the ninth dimension and he is the guiding light of love and he is doing amazing work now. Where else would you get that information, you know? I found myself not feeling guilty anymore because Jesus is doing his work even today.

What’s really amazing about Happy Science is that it actually changed my perspective on wealth. I thought, “I just need enough to get by, I just need to have a decent job, I just have to be able to pay the rent, pay my bills, eat food and I’ll be fine, I’ll be happy, I’ll be content.” But being here in Happy Science, Master wants us to push even further and actually strive for every member to become rich. Why? Because with more money, you can help more people. That’s a very noble thing. To give money for really wonderful causes, there’s nothing evil about that. Wealth in itself is about how you use it. If you’re going to use it for good, you’re going to help people, you’re going to do amazing things with it. That’s more important. I think more people need to become wealthy.

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“I have a few goals in my life.”
Los Angeles, California

I have a few goals in my life but I would say whatever it is that I do, I want to be a leader perhaps in the corporate space because to me, that area has particularly perpetuated agnosticism. I just think there is a lot in the business world in which people have not necessarily maintained a steady set of faith. I want to be, A) a corporate leader who is able to shape the business world through the teachings of the Truth because I think that is so necessary to not only drive prosperity for these businesses but also the greater economy. And then, second, I’d say through that I want to be a lecturer of some sort in the future having been able to teach that set of teachings in that business world.

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“We found a religion that can save us.”
Savannah, Georgia

Every time I pray, the Dharma of the Light Mind, it helps me a lot, and I think that’s how I start become more and more close to Happy Science and Master’s teachings. One time, my little brother, he was a newborn, he was sick and the doctor told my mom to give him some medication when he got fever. So, my mom she gave the medication. Twenty, thirty minutes later, he was not responding. And that time, my mom, she called me, and she said, “We need to do something.” And she said, “Well, we should pray.” And I was like “Mom, we should take him to the hospital.” You know, he was not breathing. And then, she was like, “I don’t want to take him right now to the hospital because they are going to do a lot of testing.” We started to pray the Dharma of the Right Mind over and over. She was scared and so was I, but I thought, at that moment, I need to be strong for my mom and I knew that that prayer helps. Every time I breathe in and breathe out, it usually burns my throat because I’m always sick. But I knew that the prayer was good for me. I feel comfortable. I feel connected.

So, at that time, I was like, “If it helps me, it will help my little brother as well.” Then we started praying. We were watching him and we were praying non-stop. After a while he started responding and he started crying a little bit. Then we felt he was getting better. She has faith that he would be better if we did the prayer. So, at that time, I realized that this prayer is very powerful and that we are on the right track. We found a religion that can save us.

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“The Lord gave me this treasure so I'm going to cherish it and I'm going to keep it close.”
New York, New York

The sutras are a way to tune ourselves to specific vibrations of the mind and so that’s why for me, even before I became a Devotee I had already started memorizing The Dharma of the Right Mind sutra. I started reciting that sutra and the “Prayer to the Lord” “Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits” every morning. The power of vocalizing the will of the Lord is very magical. It’s like the ritual aspect of it. It creates this spiritual field. Reciting them, even the ones you don’t recite that often, it’s like a helpful reminder that, you know, there’s these treasures that we’ve been given and it’s up to us to do the work and to scrape away the dirt and find that treasure and be, like, oh this is my treasure, you know. The Lord gave me this treasure so I’m going to cherish it and I’m going to keep it close. The sutras are very powerful, for sure.

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“Happy Science helps people overcome their mistakes and brings them together.”
Los Angeles, California

When I talk to a lot of people, a lot of my friends in college too, so many people feel empty, like something is missing from their lives, but they don’t know what to believe in because, with the digital age, it’s not something you can type in, what is the true religion? What is the meaning of life, and an answer pops up. I don’t think it works like that. Especially with social media, a lot of the times, people want social approval but religion isn’t something you can gain social approval on social media. I think there is a huge need for religion. Even if people are living happy lives, I feel like, if that part is missing, then you would feel emptiness from time to time like I did. I think Happy Science will definitely embrace individual differences and let people forgive past mistakes, but also overcome those mistakes by uniting the human beings as one humankind.

N.O., Japan
“I feel that if we, who identify as LGBT and are Happy Science believers, discuss this issue openly and honestly, we would be able to get to the heart of the matter.”
Sakai, Japan

I would like to share my personal thoughts on the LGBTQ issue because I feel that if we, who identify as LGBT and are Happy Science believers, discuss this issue openly and honestly, we would be able to get to the heart of the matter and cast more of the Lord’s light into the global confusion surrounding this topic.

I am someone who would identify as T or Q in LGBTQ terms, although my body is female.

From a very early age, I felt it was strange that I wasn’t a boy. When children are given a backpack from their parents to last them throughout elementary school – normally red or pink for girls, black or blue for boys – I insisted on having a green one. I was opposed and ended up with a pink color one.

At school, I felt uncomfortable with my gender and seriously considered going into the boy’s restroom. In junior high school, I did not understand the significance of having separate changing rooms and was warned by a teacher when I proudly entered a classroom where the boys were changing. In high school, I thought about the possibility of undergoing sex reassignment surgery. However, I did have the self-awareness of being a woman. I deliberated long and hard, but the conclusion I came to was that I did not have the resolve to undergo a sex change operation. I despaired over how fainthearted I was.

After that, in college, I decided to resign myself to life as a woman. The decision, however, was only a passive one, for it was the product of my inability to feel ready to surgically change my gender. I thought I could join the other male students in their dirty talks and jokes. I entered their conversations, but it often made it decidedly awkward for them.

Well into my thirties, I continued to have moments when I remembered the shock I felt at not being able to “join in with the boys” and often cried about it.

Like many of you, I had a long period of instability during which I struggled to establish my identity.

One thing that lifted my heart in the midst of this struggle was Master Okawa’s space people readings.

By reading the souls of people who have past lives as space people who lived on other planets, Master Okawa revealed how there are sexes other than the two that exist on planet Earth. “On another planet you can find not just the all-male, the all-female, but also the androgynous.” “On this planet, this sex has two heads, male and female, and one body.” These revelations made me feel that I myself might be from such a planet. The thought of that eased my mind.

There was also a time when I looked seriously into why there are men and women. I was experiencing failed romantic relationships because I could not see my worth as a woman.

What I discovered was that, even though Happy Science teaches that God separated men and women when He created human beings, I had always felt that it was wrong for men and women to be separate genders. When I confided this to a staff member more senior than me, she gave me a shock when she said, “You must have been resenting the Lord.”

I thought I loved the Lord, but if I thought the system He created was wrong, then it would mean that she is right. (In the lecture “Be Infinitely Kind,” Master Okawa says, “To think that men and women should be the same gender is arrogant.” I had overlooked this sentence.)

I made an effort to open my heart and obediently accept that the Lord created Earth this way.

Thinking in accordance with this year’s spiritual trends

Well, as many of you here may have felt, I too was taken aback and confused when I read “Words to Not Fall to Hell.” In its description of LGBTQ in hell, people who engaged in anal sex when they were alive are writhing in hell as two meter long worms in a pond of feces and urine.

I was in shock. But I understood that it shocked me because I was aware that this applied to me. It was time to think seriously about this.

The reason I felt it applied to me was because Master Okawa says in “Lecture on “Be Infinitely Kind,” that “Worms are hermaphrodites. This is the form that LGBTQ people idealize.”

When I was in high school, I read in the reference materials of my ethics class that Plato’s “Symposium” describes that, in primal times, humans were hermaphroditic. Their bodies were spherical with a male and female head. I was moved by the description. I thought, “This is what the complete human body must look like!” This is why I could not ignore the description in “Words to Not Fall to Hell.”

The gender of the people I developed romantic feelings for were also ambiguous (but then again, I was never sure if what I was feeling was romantic love). I honestly thought that I had no right to complain if I became an earthworm. (*Master Okawa teaches that once we die and cross over to the spirit world, our soul will take on the appearance of our most dominating thoughts until we can self-reflect and restore our true selves as children of God.)

However, I am here now as a human being, allowed to go through soul training. I also do not fancy the idea of writhing as an earthworm in a pond of feces and urine in Hell. Therefore, I thought about how I should think and what I should do to prevent that from happening.

One thing I noticed is this. The basic principle Master Okawa teaches is love between a man and a woman. However, he says you can also fall to hell if you have a mistaken kind of love between men and women. This is natural. (And there are many variations of the hell you can fall to, such as the Hell of the Bloody Pond, Hell of Beasts, Hell of the Forest of Razor Leaves… The list goes on.)

So far, the only LGBTQ person known to have returned to heaven is Oscar Wilde, who is apparently related to the soul of Jesus Christ. It may be difficult to live as LGBTQ and return to the heavenly realm, but it gave me hope that it is possible.

So here are my thoughts on the similarities and differences between men and women and LGBTQ.

The Common Denominator

If your love is the mistaken kind, you will go to hell.

The body is a vehicle for training the soul, but if one pursues only the pleasures of the body and does not train the soul, then one will fall to Hell. This is in accordance with principle that one whose thoughts are contrary to the Lord’s will and thus is not in tune with the Lord’s frequencies will go to a realm that is also not in tune with the Lord’s frequencies, aka Hell (to read more about the three theses of the Physics of the Light of Buddha (God), see “The Golden Laws”).

This principle applies to everyone, regardless of whether it relates to the matters of men and women or the matters of LGBTQ people.

However, I suspect that the reason why LGBTQ people often fall to the hell of lust is because we spend a larger percentage of our time thinking about our sex than those who are not LGBTQ. This makes us more interested in sex and more easily pulled into the hell of lust.

The Difference

What then, is the difference between those who are not LGBTQ and those who are? My thoughts are that it comes down to whether or not we are following the Lord’s intention, which was to divide the sexes on Earth.

Master Okawa says, “When El Cantare created human beings, He separated them into men and women. This is the policy on Earth.” (From “Now, here, Elohim is thinking about.” Chapter 1 of The Laws of Messiah). There are planets where the sexes are not separated into men and women. On Earth, however, He did separate them.

I feel that this has something to do with the fact that He created the Earth with a greater emphasis on dynamic evolution, as Master Okawa says in “The Laws of the Sun.”

Master Okawa further says in “The Nine Dimensions” that the two primary objectives of God’s Light are progress and harmony. I feel that men represent progress, and women represent harmony.

“The Nine Dimensions” says that by having human men and women practice love, marriage, marital love, and parent-child love, they come to know that God’s intention is to teach about love. It says that these different forms of love were designed as a way for all of us to awaken to a deeper, higher form of love, the kind that we find in the higher dimensions of the spirit world.

By the coming together of two opposites such as a man and a woman (though the union of opposites can be accompanied by pain), something greater can be nurtured. This is the purpose of love between a man and a woman.

Here, I perceive progress and harmony producing greater evolution. A man and a woman – two opposites – marry, have children, raise them, and then the children go on to have their own family with someone of the opposite sex, bear children, and the cycle goes on. In this dialectical process of thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis, I see the Earth evolving continuously and in new ways.

Within this evolutionary mechanism, the Earth also accepts life forms from other planets, to continue to develop a dynamic evolutionary process.

In this light, I think that for LGBTQ, it is often difficult to enter into this two-sex system.

This is where the difference lies.

The Important Point

But what is important here is that love between men and women was not the Lord’s end goal when He created the two sexes. The Lord’s intention is “to awaken us to a higher love.” (“The Nine Dimensions”)

Thus, the question we will be asked regarding the love we find is, “Did it lead to a higher love, a love for the Lord and awakening to Buddha’s Truth, that can truly save the souls of many people?” I think this is what we will largely be asked regarding the love we find in the course of our lives, whatever form that love takes.

My current thoughts

This year, when I went to a training session at a Happy Science Shoja Temple and thought about it, I got the feeling that “The Lord did not create me as an earthworm.”

What I realized then was that, “Even I, who thinks I might become an earthworm, am allowed to live and am kept alive,” and “Even if I become an earthworm, I am given a chance to reflect on my life in hell.”

This doesn’t make everything okay, but it is why I felt that we should address this issue seriously.

At least I am personally satisfied because, as a result of my serious consideration, I was able to contemplate on how the Lord views the principles upon which the Earth was created and how it relates to the universe as a whole.

I think we, in the LGBTQ community, should be very aware that LGBTQ does not fit within the basic structure the Lord created for Earth.

In order for the Earth, as a place for soul training, to continue to evolve in a dialectical (thesis, antithesis, and synthesis) way, it is necessary to maintain an environment in which children are continuously born and new vessels for the soul are continuously created. This makes love between a man and a woman a fundamental principle that cannot be overturned on this Earth.

However, if we, who do not fit within this system, do not lose sight of the purpose of the system, and can keep our love for the Lord and our love for others pure and transparent, not carnal, and if I can find common ground between the way the world is as created by the Lord and the ways I am which I cannot bend, I believe I can find a path to salvation.

(*However, if LGBTQ is imitated by many people, it may interfere with the Lord’s intention for this Earth to be a place for continual soul training and evolvement. For this reason, I think LGBTQ, in principle, should be regarded as a irregularity in the public sphere. We should be considerate of people who are LGBTQ, but I do not think the laws and policies specific to them need to be advocated for or promoted. I believe that we should not confuse the branches of the tree for the trunk of the tree. I think it would be beautiful if we could love the Lord and not destroy the way the world was created by the Lord, while holding on to the love that is important to us and purifying it to the point where it is in harmony with the way the world was created by the Lord. I agree with the words of Shimotsuke City Councilor Ishikawa of the Happiness Realization Party, who said, “LGBTQ is more beautiful when it is kept hidden from the public eye,” even though he was criticized by the public for saying that.)

The law has now taken precedence in Japan, but I feel that what is important for each person concerned is to look deeply into his or her own heart and ask, “Does this path of love lead to the Lord?”

All of this is my subjective opinion. None of it are Master Okawa’s words. The above is simply how I feel.

With the recent passing of the LGBTQ law in Japan and the Supreme Court’s decision in the case concerning it, I think the world will become more and more confused.

The problem for LGBTQ people today, however, is that many of their claims of wanting to be treated equally have degenerated into “taking love.” Furthermore, for those who are familiar with Happy Science’s teachings on evil spirits, devils, and the forces of the dark-side universe, these feelings of wanting to “take love” instead of giving love are being utilized and capitalized on by forces that want to separate people from God.

To LGBTQ persons

“What really matters is not how you are treated by those around you, but whether or not this is the path of love that leads to the Lord.” I know this message is infinitely more difficult to convey to the LGBTQ community, but as a concerned party and a religious person, I would like to face this issue with this in mind.


This is my contribution of what I am feeling at this point in time.

I am aware that there are many aspects that I have not studied enough.

I am sorry if this is something that you already know.

I am also sorry if there are any contents that may offend you.

I would be happy if I could walk toward the resolution of this problem together with all the followers of Happy Science who are learning the teachings of the Lord, who are the hope of the entire Earth and the universe.

S.O, Taiwan
"If I were not gay, I might not have thought about faith so seriously as I do now."

I attended the recent LGBT gathering at Happy Science and I would like to let people know that Happy Science’s stance is not a simplistic ‘no’ on LGBT.

To talk about myself first, in my twenties, I was quite lost in terms of sex, influenced by the trends of the world. Even now, I am not completely out of the woods, and it may take me a lifetime to understand how to live with the Lord’s Will as my own as a gay man. / Even now, I am not completely out of the woods, and as a gay man, it seems to me a lifelong issue to ask myself how I should live my life in a way that meets the Lord’s Will.

To give you a little background on my past, I realized that I was interested in the same sex when I was in middle school— when people around me started to be interested in the opposite sex. Because I attended an international school, the school was very tolerant of LGBT people and fortunately I was never bullied. I am really grateful to my parents for this.

The environment that affirmed me led me to become interested in Western liberalism, especially in the LGBT rights movement. Eventually, I spent the last three years of my twenties working for a LGBT rights advocacy group.

I believe LGBT rights are necessary. But it seems to me that the movement has been turned into a vehicle for normalizing excessive indulgence. I too was affected by this. Around me were people who had sexual intercourse with a different person almost every week, were substance users, or put peer pressure on me by saying, “Dignity? You’re thinking too much. You do it because you want to.”

How strong was my faith at this time? To be honest, not very, until I looked squarely at this issue. When I read the spiritual message from Jesus Christ on same-sex marriage, I took it lightly, understood that “Oh, it’s allowed,” and felt happy. When I read the spiritual message from Freddie Mercury, Amaterasu and Zoroaster, I had the opposite reaction. I thought, “Happy Science is conservative. It feels stuffy.” I even harbored some disgust, so I stopped my activities at Happy Science and stayed away from it for a while. But when I look back on it now, I realize that all the thoughts were based on my own point of view. It was a very self-centered way to think, “It’s okay when it suits me, it’s not okay when it doesn’t suit me.” You could even call it arrogance, even though I did not mean at all to be arrogant or self-centered.

I began to reevaluate my life because I started to see a lot of excessive sexual indulgence among gay men during my involvement in the LGBT movement. I began to ask myself, “What am I trying to accomplish by asserting these rights?” “What does Lord El Cantare, the Creator, think of this?” “Does the Lord really want to the world to be like this?”

I believe that if you are a true believer, you will never let go of the rope of faith and will follow the Lord, even when it is inconvenient for you to do so. I decided that I would absorb all the Truths that Master Ryuho Okawa teaches, without choosing them for my own convenience. Even now, I cry when I think about the fact that I am loved, forgiven and given everything by the Lord so that I may be alive today. I realized once again from the bottom of my heart that the Lord has given us everything.

Even if it is hard to live as a gay man, it will become experiential knowledge that will benefit me in the next life. I realized that nothing is in vain, and that everything is a learning opportunity. So, in a way, I am grateful to be gay. Being gay has allowed me to understand the pain of those who are struggling with an issue that they are having difficulty dealing with. If I were not gay, I might not have learned humility or, more importantly, I might not have thought about faith so seriously as I do now.

So, I stepped away from the advocacy group over a year ago, and although I continue to be friends with some of them, in a sense, I have parted ways with the past.

I honestly don’t know what the “right life” is as a gay man. For a long time, I thought that being gay was wrong in the first place, even though I was in a privileged environment. Also, I have not been practicing my spiritual discipline very much, so I have yet to gain insight or inspiration about it. I do feel that I might have lived as a woman many times in past lives. I have a strong affinity with women, and I have always sympathized with them when I watch movies and in my real life. But to be honest, I don’t know the truth.

Perhaps, I may have come from a planet where homosexuals are the mainstream. Or maybe, I sought refuge in homosexual relationships because the restrictions on heterosexual relationships were too strict in whatever religious order I was a part of in a past life.

But for now, I want to live my life as best I can, thinking about what the Lord’s Will is. When I pass away and return to the spirit world, I hope that I will have wings on my back and will be doing the work of saving the souls who are lost in Hell. For that, I have to correct my own heart first.

I believe the teaching, “Do not be obsessed with sexuality,” has two meanings. One is not to be obsessed with the sexual act. The other is not to be too attached to the genders of men and women. In other words, I believe it means to let go of the idea that “I will only be happy if I am a woman,” “I will only be happy if I am a man,” or “The classification of gender into two forms is the source my suffering.” Of course there are people who really want to have a sex change. I do not intend to deny their desire to do so. In fact, Master Okawa does not dismiss the option of gender reassignment surgery in “Healing from Within.” So, I want to say that sex change is not automatically wrong.

However, if you are obsessively fixated on it, I thought it can be helpful to consider whether you might be trapping yourself in the thinking that it is the only way for you to be happy. Of course, there are exceptions, so it is a case-by-case basis, but I thought that might be one perspective. The truth is that the Lord created this world so that we can find happiness in any circumstance or situation. In my case, I was born as a male in this life, so I will continue to live as a male. In this life, I will do my best, and view progress and independence as the training goals that I came into this life with (as opposed to the grace and harmony of women).

I am so happy to have found this LGBT gathering of Happy Science. If I had not found it, I think I would have still carried questions, or have even become depressed.

I was born male and men are my love interest. My life would be much easier if I could change this to women, but at the moment, I don’t think I can do that. So, as a gay man, my goal is to search for a way of life that is what the Lord desires, live with the Lord’s Will as my own, and share the Lord’s teachings with more people who are suffering in the same way, so that they can return to Heaven in the afterlife.

Finally, to those who are confused by the stance of Happy Science on LGBT, I would like to share my view as a LGBT and a Happy Science devotee member. Happy Science does not believe that being LGBT automatically means you will go to hell. What Happy Science is saying is that, at this point, there are many people who are falling to the hell of lust, hell of beasts, and hell of black ropes, but it is because of the content of their thoughts. It is not because of the fact that they are LGBT. What you think about, how much time you spend thinking about it, how you behave and live, and how much all of it is in line with the Lord’s Will is what determines how your life will be in the afterlife. Being LGBT has nothing to do with it.

I am but a student of Happy Science, still trying to learn all of Master Ryuho Okawa’s teachings. I am far from having all the answers. I must also put my understanding to the test by living it. A few decades later, will my understanding be able to help more people, or will it result in the opposite? Only then will I know if I am on the right path or not.

These are my thoughts at this point.

Of course, there may be errors, misunderstandings, or biases in my thoughts. I would be grateful if you read my words with that in mind. I end this message by praying for the Lord’s resurrection. Thank you for reading this long message.

Why I believe in Master Ryuho Okawa, El Cantare

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“I truly believe that Master Ryuho Okawa is El Cantare and has descended in the flesh to unite all the various religions around the world.”
Florida, USA

I truly believe that Master Okawa is Lord El Cantare and has descended in the flesh in this third dimension of reality to unite all of the various religions around the world. You know, people talk about their work and their mission at work and their purpose at work, but that’s okay while we’re here. But I think our true mission is to really save souls while they’re living here, and if we can do that, through bringing others to the Truth, and like I said earlier, I feel, I know that Happy Science is the one true religion that we can bring people together and bring them to the Truth with the goal of saving souls and as many as we can. I feel it to be my primary mission.

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“What made me hold on to the faith in El Cantare was my inner knowing.”
Toronto, Canada

Creating this utopia, where the differences in religion, in our cultures, in countries, in nations can be unified and integrated and harmonized. I can resonate with that. I feel it in my heart. I was like, “This is the teaching I’ve been looking for. At times, I was facing doubts in myself. All the other false beliefs I had adopted to believe when I was growing up. What made me hold on to the faith in El Cantare was my inner knowing. However small it was, back then, or over the past two years, it was telling me to not give up. I know this is my mission, I know this is my destiny, and I just keep moving forward.

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“It takes me to a place that I feel is beyond the most sacred imagination we could have.”
Toronto, Canada

So, even just watching the movie for the first time I was so touched and so blown away. But to learn the real story of what happened to Master, it takes me to a place that I feel is beyond the most sacred imagination we could have. For instance , we think of Jesus on the cross and resurrecting. To have Master have his own heart stopped, not beating at all, and to completely live through that. It’s beyond imagination. Master is actually living it. I could feel the power of wanting to live your life for others. I’m just trying to understand more and more the depth of Master’s life.

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“He’s El Cantare, the God of the Earth.”
Toronto, Canada

When he came to Toronto, and when I met him, being very close, I felt like he was my Father. Of course, he’s El Cantare, the God of the Earth, but not just that. I felt so connected, very connected as my Father. My mind changed, definitely. I had a sense of responsibility in Mission. My mission became more clear and clear, because now I know that the whole purpose of me being here and what everybody should have as well, which is for love and creating that Utopia on Earth.


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