After a few decades of life on earth, all of us will leave this world and go back to the Spirit World (The Real World). Having the knowledge of the Spirit World, while we are still on earth, makes a huge difference in how we choose to spend our time in this life.
“Numerous people live false lives because they don’t know the Truth. As a result, such individuals must spend tens or hundreds of years after death in great pain in hell. If people knew of the Truth at an early stage in their incarnations, they would make fewer mistakes”

From the book: Change Your Life, Change the World

Knowing right from wrong; this world and the Real World

We would not live a life of delusion or unknowingly do wrong if we knew the secrets of reincarnation, the difference between this world and the Real World, the distinction between a mind that leads to heaven and a mind that leads to hell. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the truths of life:
  • The essence of a human being is not the physical body but the soul.
  • The soul has eternal life and incarnates into this world for spiritual training.
  • The universe and everything in it is subject to the law of cause and effect. What we reap depends on how we have tended the seeds we have sown.
  • After the death of the physical body the soul returns to its real home – the Spirit World.
  • Heaven and hell exist in the Real World and the state of mind determines where the soul goes after death.

Truth is not taught in school

This is the Truth that is not taught at schools, but should be known by everyone. Not knowing the Truth makes people commit various mistakes, and creates sources of anguish and confusion; whilst knowing Truth, on the other hand, enables people to enhance their life and live it to the fullest.

Happy Science’s teachings comes from a heavenly source

The teachings of Happy Science come from the heart of the Creator and nowhere else can we learn about the meaning of life, about God, or about the spiritual world so clearly. ‘Knowledge is power’ and true knowledge liberates.

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