Utopia – a Dream Which Can be Realized

Utopia is an ideal world – “a kingdom of God” manifested in this three-dimensional world. Utopia is a world where each individual lives his best by practicing the Truth – the laws that govern the whole Universe. It begins with a state of mind where regardless of environment or circumstance we can find peace and happiness and then manifested as a true heaven on earth. Utopia is a dream deep inside each individual and can be realized by following the principles that constitute utopia.
“Creating Utopia begins with the principle of the mind, and teachings about the mind.”

From the book: The Science of Happiness

Three guiding principles that constitute Utopia:

The first principle in creating an ideal world is to establish the age of spirituality

It is an age where the majority of people will accept the absolute and ultimate Truth about the existence of the Spirit World and the law of reincarnation. When the age of spirituality is established, humanity will realize that all the crisis that the world experiences are also a part of a drama set for our soul training.

The second principle in creating a utopia is reformation of economic principles.

The profits of economic activity are acceptable only when they are used for a positive purpose. In an economic system, profit should serve the true needs of humanity. The economy must move in the direction of the confluence of worldly values and the values of Truth, reflecting the will of God and creating economic principles that are valid in this world and the world after death.

The third principle is to research and establish two major principles for action that will reform both the individual and society as a whole.

Through studying the Truth and exploration of the Right Mind each individual should create an ideal world – a utopia – inside. This effort leads to personal enlightenment. The transformation that occurs within individuals must become a great tide of love with the power to influence and transform the minds of many. If each person strives to attain happiness and create a utopia at home, the sum total of the small units of utopia will produce utopia on a national and global scale. This will lead to the transformation of society as a whole and this world will be transformed into Buddha land or the land of God – a world of peace, harmony and prosperity.
“If the whole world is filled with people who truly care for those around them, the world automatically becomes a Utopia.”

From the book: Change Your Life, Change the World

Utopia is an ideal based on the universal principles of “harmony” and “progress”. This ideal starts from every individual who acquires the correct knowledge of Buddha’s Truth and then practice it with altruism, tolerance and forgiveness. Through the virtue of tolerance and forgiveness, achieving harmony among people who aim for progress and creating utopia on Earth is a major assignment given to Happy Science and this is also our final goal.

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