Prayer is a bridge that connects this three-dimensional world with heaven and is a way for human beings to experience the state of oneness with God (Buddha). Through prayer we return to our original state of ultimate freedom and that very moment is the greatest possible happiness for human beings. In Buddhist terms, it is enlightenment, where there is no distinction between the mind of God (Buddha) and the self.
“When you enter the world of prayer you must become one with the energy that runs through the entire universe.”

From the book: The Science of Happiness

The world beyond this earth is a world where only thoughts exist. Prayer is like making a telephone call – the act of connecting lines of thought. In order for our prayers to attune to that world, we must send out the kind of thoughts that correspond to it. No matter how hard we pray, there are times when our prayers do not reach heaven. It is because prayer works according to the spiritual laws. A certain set of laws governs the world of prayer and true prayer must be accompanied by beauty, goodness and love:
  1. Beauty refers to the purity of heart and transparency of mind. Purity of heart means experiencing moments of transparency as if the self has disappeared. Selfless prayers, infused with the light of God, are beautiful.
  2. Goodness means that prayer should be oriented towards good intentions, so we are not ashamed if it is revealed to other people or inhabitants of heaven.
  3. Love is the key for genuine prayer, so a prayer must always be accompanied by love. A prayer without love is just a set of dead words. True prayer is for the sake of love and prayer is synonymous with love. Love is prayer and prayer is love, because God Himself is love.
A prayer that fulfills these three conditions exerts an extraordinary power. The fruit of prayer is the awakening and arousing of a supreme force, an outside power, which transcends the limits of physical existence. Through prayer we express our faith and faith is what makes miracles happen.

Happy Science prayers

  1. The Dharma of the Right Mind
    is the main sutra (prayer) of Happy Science. This prayer contains the core teachings of Happy Science and many books written by Master Ryuho Okawa are extensive explanations of this sutra. “The Dharma of the Right Mind” was inspired by Shakyamuni Buddha’s consciousness and therefore has the power to purify our minds with the light of Buddha. This prayer has 10,000 times more power than the Lotus Sutra or Heart Sutra of Buddhism.
  2. Prayer to the Lord
    is a prayer to express our gratitude to Lord El Cantare for giving us power, wisdom, love and light. It is a prayer for spreading happiness not just for oneself, but also to nurture the heart that desires for the happiness of others.
  3. Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits
    helps us to connect with our guardian spirit – the part of our own consciousness (subconscious) residing in the Spirit World. Through this prayer we offer gratitude to our brother or sister soul for guiding and protecting us from the world beyond this one.
All Happy Science prayers are of a great spiritual power as they come from the highest realms of heaven and are directly inspired by such consciousness as El Cantare, Shakyamuni Buddha, Hermes, and Jesus Christ.

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