The Principle of Wisdom begins with a study of the Truth, then applying this knowledge in our daily lives, and experiencing it as our own enlightenment, thereby converting it into wisdom. With wisdom we become better at solving the problems in our own lives and are able to offer insightful guidance to others. Thus, the knowledge converted into wisdom brings happiness as a result.
“Spiritual discipline today is not found simply by sitting on a mountain top and meditating, or obsessing over a desire for supernatural abilities.”

From the book: Ten Principles of Universal Wisdom

Never before in the course of the reincarnation of a soul has there been such an opportunity to study as there is today in this great information age. Today it is possible to study almost everything that would have been unimaginable only 100 years ago. Of course, this kind of study is important as it enables us to survive in modern society. However, simply learning worldly knowledge is not sufficient for us to acquire the judgment needed to steer us correctly through life. Only through studying God’s (Buddha’s) Truth we discover our objective and mission in life, attain broader understanding of the meaning of life and have a chance to know God’s (Buddha’s) mind. Only with this knowledge we are able to shine and make the best of our lives.
“Learning is closely connected to the reason we have been given eternal life. We must first realize that learning is the direction given to us by God in which to develop.”

From the book: Ten Principles of Universal Wisdom

The Development of Wisdom

As there are the developmental stages of love, there are also stages in the development of wisdom, which also corresponds to different levels of enlightenment.

The period of intellectual struggle is the first developmental stage of wisdom

It is the period when we increase our level of awareness by collecting information and the tools with which to think. A higher level of awareness allows us to have a clear view of what is at the root of our problem and know how it can be removed. Knowledge and experience are the building blocks for increased awareness so we must never cease to steadily and diligently study and learn. Through studying the works of a variety of thinkers, then deepening that knowledge in our own minds, we become receptive to inspiration and can sense the existence of the Spirit World.

Establishing unshakable confidence in your wisdom is the second developmental stage of wisdom

The second stage is a period of endurance, and of steadily building self-confidence. The length and time you are able to tolerate hardship while continuing to refine and strengthen yourself is the test of your true stature. Can you be constant and steadfast in your effort to improve yourself, regardless of the trials and hardships you may face, and be unswayed by the successes or failures of others? The first stage of wisdom is a period of strenuous self-discipline, so the light you emit may be too glaring. But once you establish a strong confidence in your own wisdom, you are free of jealousy and will emanate a gentle light. You are able to extend unconditional love to others.

The wisdom to serve others is the third developmental stage of wisdom

The second stage can last a long time; many can’t get beyond it in one lifetime. But once you reach this level, there is a higher level where wisdom takes flight beyond the sphere of the individual mind. It is no longer a collection of information or skills, but knowledge that is transformed into love – a fine philosophy to be shared with many, a treasure for all humanity. Wisdom extends beyond the individual and is shared with many, inspiring and encouraging the spiritual evolution of souls. It is a shift from the world of intellectual pursuit to the world of love.

Fundamental thought is the fourth developmental stage of wisdom

This stage of wisdom represents the highest levels of enlightenment and corresponds to the wisdom of the Great Guiding Spirits of Light who inhabit the eighth or ninth dimensions of the Spirit World. Great Guiding Spirits of light such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Jesus Christ or Shakyamuni Buddha, do not come to this world only to start religions; they teach the Truth to transform people, eras and civilizations, and to create new history for humankind.

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