The Principle of Progress taught at Happy Science aims for two kinds of happiness: personal happiness and public happiness. The truth is that we have been born not only for the sake of our own spiritual development but also with the sacred mission of creating a Utopia on earth – an ideal world that transcends differences of race, nationality and religion.
“Progress does not mean advancing in a direction that satisfies only our own desires in a self-centered struggle. Rather, what we aim for with progress is growth toward God, the Infinite and Eternal.”

From the book: The Philosophy of Progress

Personal happiness is the happiness sought by the individual and it is the happiness known as “Enlightenment.” Meanwhile, public happiness means increasing the number of people who can say, “I am happy” and transforming this earth into Utopia. It is important not to stop at our own small individual happiness but to expand the circle of happiness to those around us. The soul’s happiness becomes even more intense when it is shared with many people.

Progress is the foundation for Utopia

Utopia as an ideal state of society can take many forms. Although the knowledge and practice of the Truth is the most important element in creating a utopian society, the importance of economic progress and stability should not be ignored either. It is wrong to ignore wealth and prosperity, or to consider them as unclean just because they lead to attachment. Economic progress also contains a path to refine the mind. If we are to build an age where many people are spared starvation and can lead a life of human dignity, we must come up with a lot more new ideas in the field of economics. In order to create a utopian society, we must create a world that integrates economic principles with the values of the Truth. We must create a world where social advancement goes to those who are making efforts for people’s happiness, justice and virtue. We must create a society that puts forth people filled with love as its leaders. Foundation for Utopia begins with the individual as personal development that leads to the happiness of many.

Progress through the Middle Way

The Progress taught at Happy Science is development through self-reflection. It is to always check your intentions make sure the progress and prosperity you seek will bring happiness to many others. This is progress achieved through the Middle Way – a way that embraces infinite possibilities of evolution while never harming or hindering others nor ourselves. It is important to start with the awareness of being ordinary. This attitude helps us to appreciate steady advancement in our lives and follow four approaches of the Middle Way:
  1. The 80/20 percent approach says that it is essential to prioritize our limited resource of time and concentrate on what truly resonates with our soul and accords with our inner ideals. A key to successful living is to dedicate 80 percent of our energy to a vocation and 20 percent to other experiences. This approach helps us to make our foothold strong and then influence others in a positive way.
  2. The approach of accumulating wisdom beneath the surface is to build a strong and confident self. It is the way to build an unshakable mind and not to be influenced or defeated by problems of life.
  3. The Secret of staying balanced and realizing your ideals while walking the Middle Way is to keep on moving forward. The Middle Way is a path on which to move and make progress, not sitting still and doing nothing.
  4. Self-reflection helps us to build a stronger self. It helps to discover our Buddha Nature, remove dirt from our minds and move forward towards the ultimate development of love – God’s mind.

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