This earthly world is a place of spiritual training for the soul and spiritual development is the purpose and meaning of human life. God (Buddha) created the Great Cosmos with the objectives of “progress” and “harmony,” and these are the guidelines for the evolution of the human soul. God (Buddha) has created the system of reincarnation between this world and the Spirit World (Real World) so that we can cultivate infinite experience and walk ever closer to God (Buddha).
“You are born on this Earth once every few hundred or few thousand years so that you may work with many types of people in new circumstances to refine your soul further. Life on this Earth is not necessarily filled with good experiences, but before you were born, you all knew this.”

From the book: Invincible Thinking

Human beings are children of God (Buddha)

Humans are spiritual beings that possess eternal life and go through countless reincarnations. The human soul was created by branching off from God (Buddha), so a Divine nature or Buddha-nature dwells in every soul. Hence all human beings are children of God (Buddha).

The mind is everything

Humans are spiritual beings and the mind is our essence. We are undergoing spiritual training to polish our mind and return to the Spirit World with a higher state of mind and level of awareness. Everything is subject to the cause of law and effect so when we change our thoughts and our state of mind, our human relationships, health and financial circumstances change too. The causes of pain and suffering do not lie with others or the outside world but are actually created by ourselves. Therefore, we need to reflect on our thoughts and deeds and correct them through our own effort.

Life is a Workbook of Problems to be Solved

Everyone experiences troubles and hardships as a part of living in this world. We all would like to avoid them if possible. However, in the process of solving our problems in life, the soul acquires various experiences and learns many different lessons. These experiences and lessons are nourishment for the soul’s growth.

The world is a ground for spiritual training

This earthly world is a training place for our souls, because we go through experiences we would not be able to go through whilst living in the Spirit World. Life in the Spirit World is strictly governed by “The Laws of Vibration”, therefore, only souls that share the same wavelength can reside in the same realm. Although the heavenly world, from which we reincarnate, is a wonderful world overflowing with love, harmony and happiness, it does not provide the soul with many opportunities for progress. It is when a soul is placed in adverse circumstances that it can discipline itself, correct its misguided tendencies and make progress. That is why we periodically reincarnate to the earthly world, where people, whose wavelengths do not match, can gather together and refine their souls. The earthly world is also a place where we can encounter great souls whom we would never meet in the Real World.

A soul draws up a Life Plan before it is born

Human souls draw up a life plan before being reincarnated on earth. We decide in advance on the best environment for our own spiritual development, on such things as the country where we will be born, our language, family environment, financial circumstances, religion, education and occupation. We are confronted with human relationships and various troubles on earth but all these things are what we have planned for ourselves. Accordingly, when human relationships are at the root of our suffering, it is ourselves who decided to set these problems in our life plan. Sometimes people think that a husband and wife are not well-suited but, from a spiritual perspective, in fact it is the best possible pairing for their spiritual development. Couples are born promised to one another in order that they may learn a lot from their mutual differences.

Suffering, hardships and difficulties are opportunities for growth

Once we are aware that “life is a workbook” there is no longer any need to lament “why do I have to be put through this?” when confronted with difficulties and hardships. Instead, since these are opportunities for learning, we come to ask ourselves what it is that we can learn from them. Suffering is an opportunity to reflect on the mistakes of our own mind and to reform ourselves. At such times it is important to have knowledge of the Truth – the teachings which represent God’s (Buddha’s) mind, and to practice self-reflection. The scriptures of God’s (Buddha’s) Truth are reference books given to us by God (Buddha) for solving “the workbook known as life.” The learning distilled from the experience of overcoming suffering becomes “wisdom.” Increased enlightenment is actually the purpose of life. Knowing that “life is a workbook” is the first step towards enlightenment as we can understand that the difficulties and hardships of this world are not substantial but are opportunities for our personal growth. In this way, even in suffering, hardship and difficulties we can find the seeds of happiness.

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